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This is a proposal for a new Type: Thing > CreativeWork > VisualArtwork

I am aware that there are already sub-Types for "Painting", "Sculpture", and "Photograph", but this doesn't seem like a viable way forward. There are many other types of artwork (printmaking, drawing, collage, assemblage, digital art, etc.) and it seems illogical to create new Types for each artform.

So my proposal is for the 'VisualArtwork' Type to be used instead of "Painting" or "Sculpture", and instead of "Photograph" where the photograph in question is being presented in context as an artwork as opposed to forensic photography, etc.

A number of additional properties enable would allow a wider range of visual artwork media to use this type, and provide more information about the artwork being described.

A draft machine-readable schema is available.


Thing > CreativeWork > VisualArtwork

All properties inherited from Thing and CreativeWork, plus these additional properties

Property Expected Type Description
Properties from VisualArtwork
artform Text e.g. Painting, Drawing, Scupture, Print, Photograph, Assemblage, Collage, etc.
materials Text e.g. Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic, Linoprint, Marble, Cyanotype, Digital, Lithograph, DryPoint, Intaglio, Pastel, Woodcut, Pencil, Mixed Media, etc.
surface Text e.g. Canvas, Paper, Wood, Board, etc.
width Distance width of the artwork
height Distance height of the artwork
depth Distance depth of the artwork
edition Number For multiples such as prints, the number of copies in the edition

Example Markup

Not complete

  1. <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/VisualArtwork">
  3.   <h1 itemprop="name">Mona Lisa</h1>
  5.   <img itemprop="image" alt="the painting of the Mona Lisa" src="mona-lisa.jpg" width="164" height="240">
  7.   <p>Possibly the most famous <span itemprop="artform">painting</span> in the world.</p>
  9.   <ul>
  10.     <li><span itemprop="materials">Oil</span> on <span itemprop="surface">poplar</span></li>
  11.   </ul>
  13.   <p>Painted in <span itemprop="dateCreated">1506</span>.</p>
  15.   <p>© <span itemprop="copyrightYear">1506</span> by <span itemprop="copyrightHolder">Leonardo da Vinci</span></p>
  17. </div>


Posted to public-vocabs on May 7, 2013: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vocabs/2013May/0024.html