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Proposals for Schema.org

This page attempts to offer a canonical list of public proposals for schema.org vocabulary extensions and improvements. We also have an issue tracker to monitor concrete actions, bugfixes and workflow, and the public-vocabs@w3.org W3C mailing list for discussions.

Topic Status Summary Vocab Comments
Job Postings Published A type for Job adverts. Adds JobPosting class and supporting properties. Related discussion on CVs and resumes. The occupationalCategory property takes controlled values; more detail and options here would be useful.
IPTC/rNews integration Published Integration of the rNews vocabulary produced by the IPTC. See original rNews 1.0 intro; most of these terms are now in schema.org directly. See New York Times' implementation announcement for details and examples.
... ... ... ... ...
TV and Radio proposal Addition Candidate - please review! Proposes modest changes and additions to support TV and radio (from EBU and BBC). Adds Series, Season, Episode under CreativeWork. Existing TVSeries, TVSeason, TVEpisode under Series/Season/Episode. Adds RadioSeries/RadioSeason/RadioEpisode alongside. See also background notes. Draft initially from EBU/BBC/NoTube discussions. Nearby vocab: see VideoObject, AudioObject; Movie. Event re scheduling. See also UserPlays, a kind of UserInteraction. Comics and TV/Radio also share a concern for describing fictional characters and narratives.
Comics and Serials Addition Candidate - please review! Proposal from Marvel (see examples). Adds PeriodicalSeries (under Intangible(?)), PeriodicalIssue (under CreativeWork), Comic Issue (under PeriodicalIssue), GraphicNovel (under Book). Approx 6-9 properties for each of these classes. Generally well received and specified, but some detailed discussion re fine-grain detail of comics (imprint, page count etc.). Can those properties be shared with Book/numberOfPages, or ScholarlyArticle? Should PeriodicalSeries be intangible?
Learning Resources LRMI 0.7 review period just closed. The Learning Resources Metadata Initiative has drafted a set of terms to improve schema.org's use with educational materials. Vocab details here. Comments. see draft and discussion list.
Scholarly Articles Early proposal from HighWire Press needs review. Various ideas around improving ScholarlyArticle. Suggestion that scholarly articles could be described in more detail. There is a lot of related work in this area. For example Google Scholar publisher guidelines; Microsoft Academic Search. The Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting also addresses this problem area and has broad adoption. See also earlier comments from HighWire Press and following discussion (on the old mailing list).
Software Application Proposal A class for Software Applications ('webapps', both installable and Web-based). Re-uses some properties of CreativeWork; defines a subclass SoftwareApplication with 20 properties, plus two small subclasses. Scope: note that this doesn't attempt to address all aspects of software description (e.g. library dependencies). Do any of the CreativeWork-based property descriptions suggest updates? How should we best document class-specific info about such properties? In the Wiki for now at least. An earlier version was tested as a Rich Snippets extension; see Google's documentation. This version incorporates feedback from schema.org partners; see doc for details. The SoftwareApplicationType enumeration may remain a Snippets-only vocabulary.
Event schema update Proposal Proposes some modifications to Event based on deployment experience. Adds eventStatus, previousStartDate, previousEndDate; eventCategory; makes startDate/endDate repeatable. Encourages use of 'url' from Thing. Fairly modest proposals based on implementor feedback. Some examples needed, especially around startDate/endDate; it is obvious how they work with multiple values?
... ... ... ... ...
Real Estate Discussions but no proposal yet. Enthusiastic discussion in favour of adding RealEstate support. Tracked as issue 13. N/A Related to Place vocabulary, and schema.org's numerous subclasses, and Offer class.
Good Relations integration Awaiting proposal details. Suggestion that schema.org would benefit from agreeing the inclusion of much of the Good Relations vocabulary. See Good Relations site for background, e.g. quickstart page. Schema.org already has Offer and related terms, but might benefit from adding detail from Good Relations.
Medical/Health Proposal anticipated. A proposal is being prepared that covers various topics in the medical/health domain. No details available yet. See mail from Aaron Brown on public-vocabs list.
... ... ... ... ...
Proposal name How far along Summary of contribution. Overview of new terms Comments on status, particularly regarding integration, overlaps and open issues.

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