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(Proposals and Discussion)
(Proposals and Discussion)
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|Add one property 'department' to Organization, to allow local businesses to describe their depts (e.g. opening hours) in detail.
|Add one property 'department' to Organization, to allow local businesses to describe their depts (e.g. opening hours) in detail.
|department property (range and domain both Organization)
|Proposal very greatly simplified after WebSchemas discussion.
|Proposal very greatly simplified after WebSchemas discussion.

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Proposals for Schema.org

  • See schema files for specific RDFS+RDFa needed by schema.org.

This page attempts to offer a canonical list of public proposals for schema.org vocabulary extensions and improvements. We also have an issue tracker to monitor concrete actions, bugfixes and workflow, and the public-vocabs@w3.org W3C mailing list for discussions. Sometimes proposals evolve from offlist and face-to-face discussions; when possible, advance warning of 'expected' or possible proposals can be indicated here. (announced 24 Feb 2012).

  • Editor: Dan Brickley (danbri@danbri.org).
  • Status: Feel free to update the table for accuracy and detail, but discuss status-oriented changes with the editor to avoid confusion.
  • If you add a proposal, please also mail the public-vocabs@w3.org list to start a discussion (and link it from here)

Proposals should include markup examples as well as vocabulary definitions, and should point to related and prior work. It is also important to give examples of real sites that have suitable content. See Posting markup examples in W3C wikis documentation for details on how to post examples here.

Schema.org proposals can take any form during discussions, but ultimately they should take the form of HTML+RDFa schema definitions; some real examples are in the webschemas area of the W3C Mercurial repository.

Note: When preparing a proposal, we need to know for each type and property, its name and description, alongside examples of usage. There are lots of different ways in which these can be prepared: wiki pages, text files, spreadsheets, PDFs etc. Do note that each property is considered as a global entity, ie. a property called 'foo' gets just one description - you can't give different descriptions for its use with the "Person" type, versus its use with the CreativeWork type.

To search just these proposals, the issue tracker and schema.org-related mailing lists, try a this custom search.

Proposals and Discussion

These proposals are working towards inclusion in changes.html, the file that serves as a log of changes, and for communicating requested changes to the schema.org administrators.

Topic Status Summary Vocab Comments
Citation Promotion Proposal To promote the 'citation' property currently on MedicalScholarlyArticle up to CreativeWork. Moves citation up to CreativeWork
Accessibility Proposal Extension for describing accessibility properties of a CreativeWork. Draft published to elicit feedback.
Add Organization department property Accepted Add one property 'department' to Organization, to allow local businesses to describe their depts (e.g. opening hours) in detail. department property (range and domain both Organization) Proposal very greatly simplified after WebSchemas discussion.
sameThingAs Proposal Property to indicate that a single identity is being described. Essentially same meaning as owl:sameAs, but suggesting a distinct name to make it easier to talk about; also schema.org data is typically scruffier than OWL re http-range-14. Draft published to elicit feedback.
Actions in Schema.org Proposal A proposal for a new Action type. See full entry and proposal for details. May2013 version builds on two previously published designs. The schema.org team solicit comments on this draft via public-vocabs@w3.org.
Orders in Schema.org Proposal "While schema.org already supports marking up offers to sell products (pre-transaction), it does not currently provide schema for the common kinds of confirmations and notifications around orders (post-transaction)". Adds classes OrderStatus, Order, DeliveryMethod plus associated properties. Complements Actions proposal, but independent.
Reservations in Schema.org Proposal This proposal includes new types for describing reservations and tickets Adds classes Reservation, ReservationStatus, ProgramMembership, Flight, TrainTrip, TrainReservation, FoodEstablishmentReservation, FlightReservation, EventReservation, ReservationPackage, BusReservation, BusTrip, RentalCarReservation, RentalCar, Car, LodgingReservation plus associated properties. Complements Actions proposal, but independent.
EmailMessage type Proposal This proposal adds a single new type, EmailMessage EmailMessage is a CreativeWork representing email messages, just as WebPage already represents Web pages. No properties currently defined; proposals welcomed.
Workers Union type Accepted This proposal adds a single new type, WorkersUnion, addressing issue 17 in the WebSchemas tracker. "A Workers Union (...) is an organization that promotes the interests of its worker members by collectively bargaining with management, organizing, and political lobbying."" One type, see draft schema.
TV and Radio proposal Accepted; published in next version Proposes modest changes and additions to support TV and radio (from EBU and BBC). Adds Series, Season, Episode under CreativeWork. Existing TVSeries, TVSeason, TVEpisode under Series/Season/Episode. Adds RadioSeries/RadioSeason/RadioEpisode alongside. Adds Programme/Clip for programmes other than episodes. Adds description of a service with Service/PublicationEvent for broadcast, streaming, VoD, etc. See also background notes and [[1]]. Draft initially from EBU/BBC/NoTube discussions. Nearby vocab: see VideoObject, AudioObject; Movie. Event re scheduling. See also UserPlays, a kind of UserInteraction. Comics and TV/Radio also share a concern for describing fictional characters and narratives.
Sports Some initial discussions. Several parties are working towards a Sports Vocabulary proposal. See query from Paul Kelly (SportsML), Microdata + Sports Stats post describing earlier ESPN/Google collaboration, and the Sports Ontology used by BBC, Press Association and others. See also sports-schema-collab mailing list. Several sources including a full draft from the ESPN+Google work. Needs summary here. March 2nd - posted writeup of the ESPN/Google Microdata vocabulary; next is discussion on finding common basic sports vocab for schema.org.
Comics and Serials Discussing Proposals Proposal from Marvel (see examples). Adds PeriodicalSeries (under Intangible(?)), PeriodicalIssue (under CreativeWork), Comic Issue (under PeriodicalIssue), GraphicNovel (under Book). Approx 6-9 properties for each of these classes. Generally well received and specified, but some detailed discussion re fine-grain detail of comics (imprint, page count etc.). Can those properties be shared with Book/numberOfPages, or ScholarlyArticle? Should PeriodicalSeries be intangible?
Event schema update Hopefully Final Proposal - please review Proposes some modifications to Event based on deployment experience. Adds eventStatus, previousStartDate, previousEndDate; eventCategory; makes startDate/endDate repeatable. Encourages use of 'url' from Thing. Fairly modest proposals based on implementor feedback. May2013 update addresses the last open issue on repeating events.
Historical Data proposal Proposal The historical-data.org site proposes some extensions to schema.org to address historical and genealogical (family history) scenarios. Adds HistoricalRecord, HistoricalEvent (subclass of Event), overrides attendees, subEvents, superEvent to point to HistoricalEvent. There is an associated implementation, github repository, and blog.
Biological Databases Proposal A schema extension for describing biological databases, Sagace. Adds a class 'BiologicalDatabaseEntry' as a kind of CreativeWork, introducing 'entryID', 'isEntryOf', 'taxonID'. Adds 'BiologicalDatabase' also subclass of CreativeWork, with no special properties. Both also use 'breadcrumb' from WebPage. Others have also mentioned interest in adding some notion of species.
Breadcrumbs Proposal A proposal resolving current problems handling breadcrumbs. Adds Breadcrumb type with child property and supposes to use this class on breadcrumb property of a WebPage. An important schema, but needs attention. See discussion on using literal values.
Discussion Proposal A proposal extending schema.org for describing online discussion forums and message boards. Adds attachmentURL, contributorType, discussionState, interestedUsers, postCount, postType, votedHelpful. Addition candidate
Innovation Proposal A proposal extending schema.org for describing Innovation and related concepts. Discussion found here: [2] Covers concepts and terms such as Need, Benefit, Usage, Disruption, Innovator, Innovation, Embodiment, to name a few. See [3] for complete list of terms. Addition candidate
Proposal name How far along Summary of contribution. Overview of new terms Comments on status, particularly regarding integration, overlaps and open issues.

Brainstorming, Use Cases and Advance Notice

The following topics are under discussion in the Web Schemas / Schema.org community, but are not yet approaching specific proposed designs or broad consensus on an approach. Note that this distinction is pretty fuzzy, but some partitioning was needed here due to the number of proposals we're seeing. There is no shame in being listed here rather than as a proposal above!

Topic Status Summary Vocab Comments
ScholarlyArticle Early proposal from HighWire Press needs review. Various ideas around improving ScholarlyArticle. Suggestion that scholarly articles could be described in more detail. There is a lot of related work in this area. For example Google Scholar publisher guidelines; Microsoft Academic Search. The Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting also addresses this problem area and has broad adoption. See also earlier comments from HighWire Press (pdf) and following discussion (on the old mailing list).
Real Estate Discussions but no proposal yet. Enthusiastic discussion in favour of adding RealEstate support. Tracked as issue 13. This should likely follow along after the Good Relations work. N/A Related to Place vocabulary, and schema.org's numerous subclasses, and Offer class.
Vehicles Anticipated. A proposal extending schema.org for describing vehicles is being prepared. No public draft yet.
Transport Data Discussion Initial discussion on description of transport data. N/A Discussions on whether this scenario can be covered with existing vocabulary.
Activities (things you can do) Proposal Vocabulary for describing general activities not bound to any specific time or place.

Unrelated to the Activities and Actions proposal for online user page interations that are listed above.

Examples: 'Paragliding'. 'Going to the cinema', etc. Public draft and description available on wiki. Original proposal on public vocabs mailinglist.
Person biography Proposal A proposal for supporting people's biography Add a bibliography property to the Person type.
Project Proposal Vocabulary for describing any kind of project Terms (loosely) based on this project vocabulary Use case gathering - see mailing list thread
Vacation Rental Schema Proposal Creating an additional vocabulary for this hotel-alternative accommodation Overview of new terms Just initiated the discussion around this schema. Public proposal available on the Wiki
Fictional Thing Proposal Providing the ability to identify a thing as being fictional Proposal for the creation of a FictionalThing type Supporting discussion around this schema. Public proposal available on the Wiki
JobMarket Early proposal Extension for modelling job markets Classes added: Compensation, WorkExperience + class amended: JobPosting Early draft for an extension published to elicit feedback
VisualArtwork Early Proposal Extension for CreativeWork and replacement/alternative to Painting and Sculpture Overview of Extension and new properties Early draft for an extension published to elicit feedback.
Proposal name How far along Summary of contribution. Overview of new terms Comments on status, particularly regarding integration, overlaps and open issues.

Already Accepted and Added

Topic Status Summary Vocab Comments
Job Postings Published A type for Job adverts. Adds JobPosting class and supporting properties. Related discussion on CVs and resumes. The occupationalCategory property takes controlled values; more detail and options (e.g. EU ESCO) here would be useful.
IPTC/rNews integration Published Integration of the rNews vocabulary produced by the IPTC. See original rNews 1.0 intro; most of these terms are now in schema.org directly. See New York Times' implementation announcement for details and examples.
WebSchemas/Comment Published A fix to confusion around UserComments and lack of a Comment entity. Add a class Comment under CreativeWork, for comments. UserComments remains a UserInteraction event, and awaits further clarification. This addresses a need to have a representation of comments as documents, rather than merely as a user activity.
Software Application Published A class for Software Applications ('webapps', both installable and Web-based). Re-uses some properties of CreativeWork; defines a subclass SoftwareApplication with 20 properties, plus two small subclasses. This was been accepted and was sent for implementation (2012-04-15). Note that the SoftwareApplicationType enumeration may remain a Snippets-only vocabulary.
Singularity Published Proposes we move to singular property names, based on implementor feedback. Adds new properties without a plural 's', aliases old ones. This has been accepted and sent for implementation (2012-04-15)
External Enumerations published Guidance on how to cite external enumerations, including constrained values for properties, and large collections of useful types. For example, it should be possible to use lists of countries from e.g. ISO, UN. Or units and measures from systems such as QUDT. Or community or professionally-maintained lists from Wikipedia, Library or GIS standards, etc. Blog post covers initial/core design; further work will include lists of known authorities.
Medical/Health published Extended schema.org for describing key topics and their relationships in online health and medical content. Adds MedicalEntity hierarchy including types for key medical/health topics (such as conditions, signs and symptoms, disease causes, risk factors, therapies including drugs and procedures, tests, devices, studies and trials, guidelines, diets, supplements, exercise plans, and anatomy) and supporting types. See blog post and overview document for details. Published as v0.95 on 2012-06-26.
additionalType published Provides utility property for describing additional types. Added 'additionalType' to Thing, with detailed description discouraging use outside of Microdata syntax, since RDFa has 'typeof' built-in. Published as v0.96 on 2012-07-17.
Good Relations integration published The schema.org team and Martin Hepp collaborated to integrate of a version of GR into schema.org. See Good Relations site for background, e.g. quickstart page. Schema.org already had Offer and related terms, but benefitted from adding detail from Good Relations. Controlled values are still at purl.org GR URLs, and Good Relations continues as an independent project.
Learning Resources Added as 1.0a, April 2013. The Learning Resources Metadata Initiative defines a set of terms to improve schema.org's use with educational materials. Mainly adds new properties (typically but not necc. on CreativeWork): intendedEndUserRole, educationalAlignment, with values in a new class, AlignmentObject; educationalUse (Text values), timeRequired (a Duration); typicalAgeRange (Text valued); interactivityType (Text); learningResourceType, ... Comments. see version 1.0 and discussion list.
Datasets Added as 1.0a, April 2013 based on dataset.html A proposal extending schema.org for describing datasets and data catalogs. This may be revised to track evolution of W3C DCAT. Adds the Dataset, DataCatalog, and DataDownload types and supporting properties. An example page with dataset microdata is available here. For related efforts, see the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group.
Tech Article Added as 1.0a, April 2013. schema: techpub.html A proposal extending schema.org for describing technical content. Adds dependencies, task, and technicalAudience. Adds descriptions for genre (CreativeWork) and about (CreativeWork). Added as 1.0a, April 2013
API Reference Added as 1.0a, April 2013. drafted A proposal extending schema.org for describing Application Programming Interface (API) reference content. Derived from TechArticle; adds assembly, assemblyVersion, programmingModel, targetPlatform Added as 1.0a, April 2013
Code Added as 1.0a, April 2013. drafted A proposal extending schema.org for describing human readable source code. Adds codeRepository, codeSample, programmingLanguage, runtime, targetProduct. Added as 1.0a, April 2013
Audience Added as 1.0a, April 2013. drafted A proposal extending schema.org for describing audiences, building around http://schema.org/Audience type, also used by (and coordinated with) LRMI and MedicalHealth vocabulary. Add property audience to type CreativeWork (done) and Product. Also ParentAudience, ... see draft for details. This was added in stages; Medical/Health introduced the basic type 'Audience' first.

Wiki markup

  • We have two templates for use here: Template:SchemaDotOrgProposal which takes 'name' and 'status' parameters, and which returns a one line page header for proposals; also Template:SchemaDotOrgTerm, which takes a 'term' parameter and returns a simple hyperlink to that (class) term on schema.org.