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Multiple Types in Schema.org

Example example

This is a trivial-example showing the wiki markup structure for including pretty-printed HTML markup in a Wiki page:

  1.  <div itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/SoftwareApplication http://schema.org/MobileApplication">
  3.     <p itemprop="operatingSystems">OSX 10.6</p>,
  4.     <p itemprop="operatingSystems">Windows 7</p>
  5.  ...
  6.  </div>

It also (to stay on topic) shows a Microdata syntax for mentioning multiple types. In this case it is quite a redundant example, since every MobileApplication is already known to be a SoftwareApplication too.

Other notes:

  • for types in another vocabulary, the http://schema.org/additionalType property can be used in Microdata. In RDFa, the @typeof attribute can use multiple schemas directly.
  • the schema.org design has built-in multiple types for everything below LocalBusiness, since every LocalBusiness is both an Organization and a Place
  • A common candidate for multiple-typing is Product, since many other type hierarchies are things that also serve as Products