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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal Logo Schema for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github

This is a proposal to add a 'logo' property to schema.org, and to add ImageObject as an expected value of both.

While we already have a general 'image' property of a Thing. The existing 'image' property has definition "URL of an image of the item.", and expected value "URL".

Schema.org already allows any property to have values that are either an URL or a specific thing whose description is given inline. In this sense, writing "expected value: URL" is not very informative, since it is true of any property that takes non-string values.


  • add a property 'logo' that applies to an Organization (and any others?), and whose expected values are said to be both URL (for historical compatibility with Thing's 'image') and ImageObject.
  • add an additional expected property of ImageObject to Thing's image property.
  • definition is "URL of an image for the logo of the item."

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