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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal LocalBusinessDepartment for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github


This page discusses a proposal extending schema.org to introduce the notion that a 'LocalBusiness' may have different departments.

The motivation is to allow representation of the department name, phone numbers, and opening hours for each department within a local business branch (see the websites of uhaul, walmart, and usps for examples of where this could be useful). (e.g. try '90210' into locator in https://www.usps.com/ or http://www.uhaul.com/Locations/ ... )

It seems common to have different contact info, opening hours etc, for different service offerings within the same larger branch.

Revised proposal

  • We can handle this with new properties on Organization (3 properties: departmentOf, department, openingHoursSpecification?); No new subtypes.
  • RDFa 1.1 and JSON-LD notations have mechanism for reverse-direction properties, which reduces need for departmentOf. But It would be useful enough to add.

Earlier designs

The proposed representation is to introduce a new property, "department", on LocalBusiness (and a convenience inverse, "departmentOf"). That property's target type would be:

Thing > Organization > LocalBusiness > LocalBusinessDepartment


Proposed 2013-03-05

next steps:

  • make some (realistic) examples
  • circulate on public-vocabs, to schema.org partners, and interested W3C groups (e.g. eGov)
  • check scope of definition (LocalBusiness, Organization); confirm property/type names
    • w.r.t. hasUnit from the W3C Org vocab; v close, but schema.org does not use the 'hasFoo' naming idiom (declare samePropertyAs?).
    • is this peculiar to LocalBusiness, or would we potentially want the same for any Organization?... latest proposal is generalised


  • a new type, LocalBusinessDepartment, with superClass LocalBusiness (inherits name, phone numbers, and opening hours from LocalBusiness, and adds just one new property)
  • add 'department' to existing LocalBusiness type; perhaps also to<strike> Organization
  • a new property, departmentOf ("The larger organization or business to which this department belongs."), whose value is <strike>LocalBusiness (potentially Organization instead, but consistent with whatever we say for 'department')

Related Work