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(Additional property for Audiobook)
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|width="160pt"|'''Property'''||width="180pt"|'''Expected Type'''||'''Description'''
|width="160pt"|'''Property'''||width="180pt"|'''Expected Type'''||'''Description'''
|'''readBy'''||[[http://schema.org/Person Person]|| A person who reads (performs) the audio book.
|'''readBy'''||[http://schema.org/Person Person]|| A person who reads (performs) the audio book.

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Proposal for Audiobook Type

Submitted by the Schema Bib Extend Group
Detail in Schema Bib Extend Wiki


This proposal addresses the need to describe an Audiobook. The attributes of an audiobook are sufficiently different from a Book to warrant a new type. The majority of properties required to fully describe an AudioBook are to be found in Book and AudioObject, therefore this proposal recommends that Audiobook is a sub-type of both types. Additional properties proposed: readBy - the reader of the book, and abridged - to indicate whether the book is an abridged edition (this is relevant to all book formats, so this is proposed as an additional property to Book).

New Type: Audiobook

sub-classed to

  • Thing > CreativeWork > Book
  • Thing > CreativeWork > MediaObject > AudioObject

Additional property for Audiobook

Property Expected Type Description
readBy Person A person who reads (performs) the audio book.

New property for Book

Property Expected Type Description
abridged Boolean Indicates whether the book is an abridged edition.