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* [http://activitystrea.ms/registry/verbs/ activitystrea.ms verb registry]
* [http://activitystrea.ms/registry/verbs/ activitystrea.ms verb registry]
* [http://purl.org/hydra/spec/latest/core/ Hydra] ([http://www.w3.org/community/hydra/ W3C Community Group])

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This is an archived WebSchemas proposal Activities and Actions (update) for schema.org. See Proposals listing for more. Note: active schema.org development is now based at github

This page tracks a proposal to revise schema.org's approach to activities and actions: Actions in Schema.org.

This work stems from a collaboration amongst the schema.org partners, and supercedes the earlier drafts linked below. Lead editors are Yaar Schnitman <yaar@google.com> and Steve Macbeth <Steve.Macbeth@microsoft.com>. Comments and discussion is welcomed via the W3C public-vocabs@w3.org email list.

It is independent from, but complementary to, the work to add support for Reservations and Orders. Unlike most existing schema.org markup scenarios, some of the expected use cases here involve non-public markup; see the document for details.

Overview (extracted from the pdf)

"This document proposes the introduction of "verbs" to the schema.org vocabulary, in the form of a new Class of Things, called Actions."


  • Next step (alongside public-vocabs discussion) is to generate a machine-readable schema definition. Dan Brickley will do this.
  • Some RDFa examples should be added.


See PDF for details.


Related Work