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Hi, you've reached the User page of Tantek Çelik. Due to W3C account limitations/defaults, the "Ç" in my last name was dropped from the "official" login username and has propagated as such on

Please use "Tantek Çelik" not "Tantekelik" in references. Thanks.

Tantek Çelik
home page:

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next actions

  • add public domain template user page template to W3C wiki (based on the same at microformats wiki)
  • add said template to my user page




W3C AB projects:


CSSWG projects, alphabetically listed (not priority)


HTMLWG projects (some of these have been completed. needs updating)

time element issues

1. Enhance and simplify the time element. A change proposal to enhance and simplify the time element based on use-cases and needs documented to date:

2. Add a data element. A change proposal to introduce a simple data element for use with microformats, microdata, RDFa based on use-cases of the general class of human vs. machine data publishing:

3. Drop the pubdate attribute. A change proposal to drop the pubdate attribute as part of completing the removal of the Atom conversion algorithm which itself hasn't been a part of the W3C HTML5 specification for over a year:

4. Enhance the time element to fully represent the date time types that the input element can capture. Most of these are also covered by issue 1, with the exception of year-week only dates and thus this is a delta issue from that issue with a corresponding delta change proposal:

change proposals

HTMLWG reference


completed 2011


other W3C wikis

By default each W3C group gets their own wiki. I find that having to log into each of these separately is a bit annoying. My preference is to put all W3C related wiki pages into the top level W3C wiki:

However, for reference, here are other W3C wikis that I am editing/contributing to while their respective groups still use them.