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Timed Text


This is the Wiki for the activities associated with the updating of the Timed Text publications.

The Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) is a markup format language for creating captioning, subtitling and similar timed presentation of text.

TTML Pages

Timed Text Working Group Activities

The TTML Working group home page.

Timed Text Efforts and Specifications

Thanks to the Web and TV Interest Group, here's a list of Timed Text Efforts and Specifications.

Timed Text Working Group Process

The TTML Working Group publishes Recommendations and Notes. These are known as products. Users of these products may identify issues within them, either before or after publication, and may wish to contribute developments, ideas or editorial changes to a product prior to publication.

Changes to products

All proposed changes must be recorded as issues which are managed on the tracker.


For bugs it is sufficient simply to raise an issue on this tracker.

New features

For development of new features it is a requirement that the features are described within #Change Proposals and discussed prior to approval either by teleconference meetings, usually held weekly, at face to face meetings, held on an occasional basis, or on the public email reflector which is archived here. The chair approves change proposals according to the W3C consensus policy.


Where actions are assigned to members in order to progress an issue or a change proposal these are recorded in the tracker.

TTML Issues

Issues are tracked.

Issues that need further elaboration can be documented and discussed by adding a page link here.

  • Issue 151 Clarify syncbase in SMPTE continuous mode

TTML Documentation

You can help by providing Timed Text Documentation.

TTML Working Group F2F meeting

Role Registry

The TTML specification allows users to define and use roles for elements, in order to manage this across disparate organisations (without resorting to using complex namespaced prefixes) we have started a Role Registry

Change Proposals

As we look to creating the next version of the specification to address open issues we will adopt a lightweight change proposal mechanism. These change proposals are recorded in the Change Proposal Index