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* Larry McLister (Adobe)
* Larry McLister (Adobe)
* Bob Lund (CableLabs)
* Bob Lund (CableLabs)
* Peter Linss (HP)
== Deliverables ==
== Deliverables ==

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Mailing List

public-test-infra@w3.org (subscribe)


  • Tobie Langel (W3C), lead
  • Robin Berjon (W3C)
  • Jet Villegas (Mozilla)
  • Yosuke Funahashi (Tomo Digi)
  • Rebecca Hauck (Adobe)
  • Larry McLister (Adobe)
  • Bob Lund (CableLabs)
  • Peter Linss (HP)


  • a risk assessment of moving test development to GitHub and a risk mitigation strategy (notes),
  • an estimation of the cost of the risk mitigation strategy,
  • a process for writing and submitting tests (notes),
  • a process for reviewing tests (notes),
  • a list of required tooling and and estimation of its cost (notes).