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* Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
* Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
* Peter Linss (HP)
* Peter Linss (HP)
* Glenn Adams (Cox)
== Liaisons ==
== Liaisons ==

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The Resource Center Task Force has the following roles:

  1. it must define the branding strategy for the Resource Center,
  2. it gather requirements for it,
  3. it must collect, write and organize documentation for it.

Mailing List

public-test-infra@w3.org (subscribe)


  • Tobie Langel (W3C), lead
  • Robin Berjon (W3C)
  • Yosuke Funahashi (Tomo Digi)
  • Rebecca Hauck (Adobe)
  • Larry McLister (Adobe)
  • Bob Lund (CableLabs)
  • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
  • Peter Linss (HP)
  • Glenn Adams (Cox)


  • webplatform.org on compatibility tables.


Description Owner Due Date Notes
Decision and rationale on where the resource center should be hosted and how it should be branded. notes
Resource center requirements (src) tobie Early March 2013 conf call. notes
Cost estimation for building the resource center tobie Early March 2013 conf call.
A list of the documentation that needs to be written.
The documentation itself.
A list of scattered test-related resources across W3C properties and a cleanup strategy.