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* [[Testing/Resource Center TF|Resource Center TF]]
* [[Testing/Resource Center TF|Resource Center TF]]
* [[Testing/Test Framework TF|Test Framework TF]]
* [[Testing/Test Framework TF|Test Framework TF]]
== Writing Tests ==

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This is a temporary home to kickstart W3C's new testing effort. Focus here is on infrastructure, documentation and process. If you wan't learn how to write tests, this isn't the right place. Currently, we can't point you anywhere for this. However, as this is the exact problem we're trying to solve, this will soon change.

High Level Goals

  • Develop infrastructure, documentation and process to make W3C's testing story more compelling,
  • Massively increase test coverage of specs though crowd-sourcing, vendor contributions and outsourcing, with an initial focus on specifications found in the intersection of the Coremob and Web & TV profiles.

Communication channels

All work related to this effort is happening in the following channels:

Other channels of interest:

Task Forces