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Some suggested topics for consideration for the agenda:

  • How to achieve deterministic display of text when rendering fonts can not be known when authoring a document
    • Readable text spacing - lineHeight="normal" multiplier based on a percentage (100%, 120%, 125% etc) of the maximum font height of the flowed-in descendant text on each row. Make this variable? Trace through the interaction between this, cellResolution and fontSize.
    • How documents can be authored safely to prevent inline or block overflow given that fonts are selected based on height not width, and that for the subtitle/caption use case it is editorially unacceptable to hide text that should be visible.
  • Row-based layout options such as ebutt:multiRowAlign - do we need them and if so how can they be implemented?
  • Background painting without affecting foreground content layout - e.g. extending the 'bleed' of backgrounds either as applied to inline s or as applied to whole rows. NB this is not the same as padding! How can this be implemented?
  • Profiles
  • Issue 176: adding support for extent and origin attributes (or regions) on block elements
  • Semantics of ttp:version