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Timed Text Change Proposals


This page provides an index for change proposals.

We create a change proposal here to track progress on drafting of significant new sections or revisions to a text.

Each change proposal should at minimum indicate:

  • An owner (member of the TTWG)
  • Which product it relates to
  • What issues or bugs it addresses (backlog items) - with links to the issues in the tracker
  • A summary of the requirements that the change is intended to address
  • Rationale, i.e. technical arguments that lead to or favour the proposed solution
  • The proposed solution, to the extent that it is known (edit actions). These could be:
    • A set of edit instructions, specific enough that they can be applied without ambiguity.
    • Exact spec text for the sections to be changed, and a baseline revision for the version of the spec being changed.
    • With prior permission from the Chairs, a high-level prose description of the changes to be made.
  • What impact the proposed change will have on the product, positive and negative

A change proposal should over time accumulate a complete set of editing instructions for the editor to apply. The editor will indicate by marking these as done when applied to the relevant product. They will be retained in the change proposal in order to provide an audit trail.

A change proposal will be developed in short bursts of time called iterations, defined by the owner but typically two weeks. At the end of each iteration the owner should report to the WG on the change of status of the backlog items and edit actions.

The backlog of issues will be held in our bug repository, at the start of each iteration the owner should prioritise the backlog issues that pertain to the change proposal and copy over as many new issues that apply to the work item that the owner deems achievable within the iteration; as issue is addressed it should be marked off in the work item, but again retained to provide an audit trail

When a change proposal has been implemented and there are no more unmarked issues or edit actions remain in the work package, and no backlog items exist in the database that have not been applied to the work package, it can be marked as closed by prefixing the title with "CLOSED-IMPLEMENTED".

It is permitted to create more than one change proposal to address the same set of requirements with different solutions. In this case the change proposals that are not implemented should be closed by prefixing the title with "CLOSED-REJECTED" and any rationale for not proceeding with the solution should be included in the change proposal page.

Ordinarily a change proposal once closed should not be re-opened, if new issues are discovered on a product, then a new change proposal should be created to track them.

Change Proposals

Priority values:

Priority Value Implication
0 No action to take - all CLOSED or WITHDRAWN CPs should have priority 0
1 Needs to be closed before the product's FPWD
2 Needs to be closed before the product's next LC
3 Can wait until product's
Number Status Priority Assigned to Product Title
1 OPEN 1 Jerry Smith TTML2 Amendments to the set attribute
2 CLOSED-IMPLEMENTED 0 Jerry Smith TTML2 Allowing origin and extent on block elements
3 CLOSED-REJECTED 0 Sean Hayes TTML2 Adding margin support -- to be folded into 15 Style.CSS additions
4 CLOSED-IMPLEMENTED 0 Glenn Adams TTML1 Clarifications for time expression semantics
5 OPEN 1 Jerry Smith TTML2 HTML5 Mapping semantics
7 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 3D extensions
8 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Animation beyond set
9 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Complexity model
10 CLOSED-IMPLEMENTED 0 Glenn Adams TTML2 TTML Versioning
11 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Metadata vocab
12 OPEN Glenn Adams TTML2 Profile fixes
13 CLOSED-IMPLEMENTED 0 Glenn Adams TTML2 Schema fixes
14 OPEN 3 Nigel Megitt TTML2 Audio rendering
15 OPEN Glenn Adams TTML2 Style.CSS additions
16 OPEN Glenn Adams TTML2 Style.Conditional
17 OPEN Glenn Adams TTML2 Style.Defaults
18 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Style.Image additions
19 OPEN Glenn Adams TTML2 Style.Syntax fixes
20 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Typography.Advanced
21 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Typography.I18n
22 WITHDRAWN 0 Glenn Adams TTML2 Typography.General
23 OPEN Pierre-Anthony Lemieux TTML2 Forced Display
24 OPEN Mike Dolan TTML2 XML fixes
25 OPEN 1 Nigel Megitt TTML2 Distribution
26 OPEN 2 Nigel Megitt TTML2 Tests
27 OPEN 3 Nigel Megitt TTML2 Links

Open and Unassigned Change Proposals

If you wish to own one of the unassigned change proposals and are a TTWG member, simply start editing and change the section above, as well as the relevant change proposal page. Then declare this at the next available team meeting. Otherwise please contact the TTWG chair before making any changes, we will be pleased to induct you as part of our group.