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We encourage attendees to start brainstorming TPAC2014 session ideas in advance of the meeting.

See the TPAC 2014 FAQ for more information.

How to use this page

Please use this page to:

  • Propose sessions you wish you lead
  • Propose sessions you wish others to lead
  • Indicate whether you plan to attend a session (helps with scheduling)

How to propose a session

Please provide:

    • session name (as a === subhead === )
    • session proposer (optional: name a desired session leader, can be yourself)
    • one sentence session summary
    • type of session: (e.g.: talk, panel, open discussion, etc.)
    • goals of session
    • additional speakers/panelists

And feel free to simply add them here at the top. See site redesign below as a template for new entries.