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We encourage attendees to start brainstorming TPAC2013 session ideas in advance of the meeting. See the TPAC 2013 FAQ for more information.

How to use this page

Please use this page to:

  • Propose sessions you wish you lead
  • Propose sessions you wish others to lead
  • Indicate whether you plan to attend a session (helps with scheduling)

How to propose a session

Please provide:

    • session name (as a === subhead === )
    • session proposer (optional: name a desired session leader, can be yourself)
    • one sentence session summary
    • type of session: (e.g.: talk, panel, open discussion, etc.)
    • goals of session
    • additional speakers/panelists

And feel free to simply add them here at the top. See site redesign below as a template for new entries.

Suggestions for Tuesday Morning AC Meeting

The Tuesday morning of the AC Meeting is optional. It is intended for informal discussion among Chairs, AC, TAG, AB, Offices, and Team.

Notes from the Team

  • New Member Intros
  • Introduction to W3C's IPR Policies

Suggestions for Wednesday Breakouts

Note: For 2013 we invite the Advisory Committee to use the Wednesday breakouts for AC-type topics as well.

Notes from the Team

  • Anniversary planning

Site Redesign

Use this as a template for describing your session

  • Proposed by: Ian Jacobs
  • Summary: W3C is redesigning its web site. In 2013 we surveyed the public, groups, and Members and created a plan based on the priorities we heard. Come to this session to hear about our progress and provide feedback to help ensure the site meets your needs.
  • Type: Presentation and discussion
  • Goals: Ian wants to use this opportunity to share progress and get feedback on a the site redesign, including the vision for the site, information architecture, and implementation plans.
  • Interested: People will put names here if interested in attending this session

How we can be better Chairs

Summary: Chairs are one of the key components in a Working Group, and they can make a big positive or negative difference to the effectiveness of their group. This session is intended for active chairs and people who expect to be or would like to be chairs

  • Proposed by: Chaals
  • Type: Open Discussion
  • Goals: Share experience and learn from each other. Look at the resources available in the chairs' Guide and propose necessary changes.
  • Interested: People will put names here if interested in attending this session

Some potential topics:

  • dealing with trolls
  • Tools: github, tracker, bugzilla, lc-track, ...
  • Meetings - when to have them, how to plan them, how to get the best out of them
  • Editors, authors, and one-man bands

Rec track process

Summary: Looking at how to make the Recommendation track meet the needs of our stakeholders

  • Proposed by: Chaals
  • Type: Discussion and presentation
  • Goals: Work out who are our stakeholders, and what do they need from our specs. Explain the AB's proposed changes for the Process document
  • Interested: People will put names here if interested in attending this session