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(Suggested Invitation letter solution for TPAC2013)
(Suggestions for Scribing for TPAC2013 ( from Wendy and Josh ))
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* recording
* recording
* transcription
* transcription
* Translation on the fly with [http://www.mibbit.com/ Mibbit client] and Google Translate?

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This is a placeholder for the page for planning TPAC 2013

Feedback from 2012

    • Survey results
    • Team only: TPAC2012 feedback
    • Feedback: Some people would like to be able to participate in allocation of rooms but do not like going to the board. Is there a way to allow people to register an idea online (in addition to the paper approach)?

Suggestions for 2013

  • Newly joined members from China have requested a session on IPR policies (2-3 hours)
 Angel has started the converstion with legal team to see whether this is feasible

Events for TPAC2013

  • Nov 7, 2013, Beijing: C-level event for W3M, Busdev team and management of Chinese members
  • Nov 9, 2013, Shenzhen: Test The Web Forward (Wuzhou Hotel)
  • Nov 10, 2013, Shenzhen: Tencent event
  • Nov 10, 2013, Shenzhen: WAI workshop as a session in Tencent event --- (confirmed with Tracy from Tencent)
  • Nov 10, 2013, Intro Day in the afternoon
  • Nov 11-15, 2013, Shenzhen:TPAC2013
  • Nov 16, 2013, Shenzhen: one day off
  • Nov 17, 2013, Shenzhen: Team Day

Please note that the dates above, except the dates for TPAC, are still under discussion.

Invitation letter solution for TPAC2013

We will add to the TPAC registration WBS a section for those who need an invitation letter to provide information. Beihang will use the data to generate the invitations and send a static PDF file to the email address used for the registration.

Suggestions for Scribing for TPAC2013 ( from Wendy and Josh )

  • 2 projectors, one for slides, the other for irc minutes
  • offer accounts with cloudirc or similar service (Web service sets up a persistent connection to the irc server, so you don't lose your nick or backlog when the local connection drops)
  • get everyone in the room to Present+ him/herself (or use tech,badge-in with a scanner or NFC reader)
  • make name cards for the table as well as making sure name tags are
  • 2-sided with large-print names and nicks, to make it easier for scribes to identify speakers
  • table microphones near every participant would be great, or multiple mics with someone walking around to shuttle them to speakers
  • recording
  • transcription
  • Translation on the fly with Mibbit client and Google Translate?