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Session details

The scope of the web performance working group is mostly to help developers by giving them more information about performance bottlenecks. This breakout session is to address another aspect of performance:

  • In advance of Web Performance Workshop, organized by Tobie Langel and Paul Bakaus.
  • What tech is technically ready for consumption but simply not fast enough? (I.e. Audio on some platforms)
  • Where are browser developers cheating, saying they implement "x" and "y" but nobody can actually use it due to performance issues or missing adjacent APIs (and how can we prevent this? (Audio, Gyroscope)
  • What are the real-world combinations of specs developers want to explore but can't due to performance constrains?


  • Consensus on how to make sure specs conform to performance metrics is to back use cases that can be expressed in performance means with actual benchmarks.

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