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TPAC2012 Feedback

Please provide feedback on TPAC2012.

general feedback on TPAC2012 week

Please avoid Halloween in the future

TPAC this year (and last year) has been scheduled overlapping with the Halloween holiday. This is quite a big holiday in the US for anyone who has children (or is an uncle or aunt to nephews or nieces). Having to choose between a known-well-in-advance family event and W3C TPAC attendance puts strains on participants and families.

If TPAC is scheduled overlapping Halloween in the future, I personally will choose to not travel more than an hour for TPAC, and will leave early (or not attend) on Halloween day (--10-31).

Please schedule future TPAC weeks not overlapping with Halloween (October 31st, Gregorian).


Tantek Çelik 23:25, 24 October 2012 (UTC)

plenary sessions

Please provide feedback on the all-group sessions, including suggestions for improvement:

  • ...

barcamp intro session

Please provide feeedback on the barcamp introductory session (outline of how barcamp sessions would work, introductions, barcamp session proposals / planning / iteration)

  • If possible, it would be helpful to have:

A) a larger board/grid, with larger pieces of paper (easier to read); and

B) more space to walk around in front of the board

C) no preselected sessions - this caused confusion as to whether people could still contribute ideas to the wiki

  • ...

specific session feedback

Please create a subsection for each specific barcamp session you attended and provide feedback.

session title one

  • ... feedback on session one


Feedback on previous years: