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A session at TPAC2012.

The Social Web. Join us.

http://irc.w3.org/ #social minutes


  • Social, business, community goals
    • Web and TV entertainment
    • networking, telecomm
    • search and discovery
    • company communications
    • mobile devices
    • linked data
    • academic research
  • Features
    • Open, not-siloed
    • Cross-platform interoperable
    • Distributed
    • Accessible
  • Requirements
    • Privacy and social
    • Identity
    • Security

What is Social?

  • Mass communication.
  • Channeled, directed communications.
  • Identity-connected, access-controlled.

What are the challenges to making the Web Social?

  • Identity, identity management (context)
  • Inclusiveness. e.g. sites not accessible to screen-readers
  • Open social graph

How can we address the challenges?

Additional thoughts on 'social' at W3C -- (subsequent discussion and thoughts)