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We encourage attendees to start brainstorming TPAC2012 session ideas in advance of the meeting.

Sessions You Volunteer to Do

Please provide:

    • session name (as a === subhead === )
    • session proposer (optional: name a desired session leader, can be yourself)
    • one sentence session summary
    • 1+ paragraph session description
    • type of session: (e.g.: talk, panel, open discussion, etc.)
    • additional speakers/panelists

And feel free to simply add them here at the top.

How to chair

I (chaals) volunteer to run a single session on effective ways to manage a meeting. This is an action item from the AB, anyway. Agenda:

  1. get volunteer co-chair
  2. brainstorm techniques
  3. review/select techniques
  4. review chairing process

Breakout session on ReSpec

Proposer and fearless leader: Robin Berjon

A lot of specs are now using ReSpec — I would find it helpful to put people in a room and chat.

Topics would include:

  • User feedback
  • Feature requests
  • What's next
  • Transition to v3
  • Non-W3C documents (IETF has been mentioned many times, Opera uses it for internal documentation, etc.)
  • Better UI
  • Linting, obviating pubrules, validation, link checking
  • How to contribute
  • The shared bibref service
  • Anything else people are interested in

My first thought would be a breakout session of the same kind we had last year, but I'm open to other formats as well.

Sessions You Want Someone Else to Organize

Please provide:

    • session topic (as a === subhead === )
    • your name
    • one sentence session summary
    • 1+ paragraph session description
    • If you support this session idea and are not the original proponent, please put your name and any supporting rationale. (Or, if you think this is not a good idea, please explain why.)

Intro Day

  • I would like to see an Intro Day at TPAC, How to be a WG Participant (Liam)

W3C staff notes on some suggestions

Just notes. Actual session proposals (that you want to do, or want someone to do) go above.

Chair face-to-face

  • Part of a day. Suggested by TLR and with strong support of Membership (see May 2012 chairs thread).
  • Some topics
    • How do we find more quality editors?
    • How much Process do we need to apply?
    • How can we get things moving faster?
    • What's the best place to have "Make It So, Team Contact" t-shirts printed?
    • How do we make our work and documents more nimble?
    • What parts of the Patent Policy are often ignored but particularly useful?
    • Which of the gavel or bullwhip is most effective?
    • Share your practical tricks (logistic, edito, document, great minutes ...) ?
    • How to integrate the W3C transversal topics in deliverables(privacy, accessibility, ...) ?
    • What about a standard WG dashboard for reporting our activities ?

IJ question: Maybe we do a "chair training track" and do a series of sessions like the one that Charles proposals. Prog Committee should consider. [RB: A session on how to organise testing in a group would be very valuable IMHO]

Community Groups

  • Breakouts based on hot CG work? Also may be plenary

Making Web Platform as good as Native

  • Talk to PH, TBL

Process updates

  • Follow-on to May 2012 AC meeting