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May 2013 F2F - London

When: May 29-31, 2013

Where: London, UK

Host: Mozilla


Proposed Topics

  • TAG Operations
    • Interaction with other WGs (TAG Ambassador?)
      • Architectural review of new APIs?
      • Idiomatic API design
    • Interaction with developer community
  • Overall TAG goals and priorities
  • HTTPbis
    • Have enough people reviewed HTTPbis for this to be useful?
  • Capability URLs (slides)
  • Distributed Web Architecture (slides in development)
  • Web Application Packaging (SysApps)
  • Persistence (what is this?)
  • If there's time and interest, I'd like to share a few "outgoing chair's" thoughts on TAG goals, focus and effectiveness. Might take 15-20 mins unless there's lots of discussion. Suggest doing it maybe Thurs after we've got some momentum on other things (Noah)
  • HTML WG co chair requests final resolution regarding TAG text for Polyglot. ACTION-791
  • responsive web design : it's the new hotness; what, if anything, can the TAG do to help?
  • DRM - policy, not technology, but there are tech. issues buried inside, I think (? -- who added this?)

Scribing assignments

Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Henry Noah
Afternoon Marcos Jeni