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This is the wiki for discussions on System Applications in support of the System Applications Working Group, see the charter and the mailing list.

The aim is to define an run-time environment, security model, and associated APIs for building Web applications that integrate with a host operating system. While this run-time will have substantial overlap with the traditional browser-based run-time environment, it will have some important differences, being focused on Web applications that integrate more strongly with the host platform rather than traditional hosted web sites.

As an example, consider an API to enable access to information in your address book, whether this is stored on your device or in the cloud. For a regular web site, the API should give users explicit control over which information is made available to the web site, rather than giving it free access to everything. A system application API by contrast could be used to create and manage your address book. This requires a higher level of trust in the application code since the API would need to provide free access without the user prompts as required to preserve privacy in the weaker API.

How to get involved

Please subscribe to the public mailing list See the link on that page for details. If you have a W3C Account, you will also be able to edit this wiki. To get a W3C account, fill out the account request form.

In case of further questions, please contact the following:

  • Dave Raggett <>

Note: anyone making a substantive contribution to W3C specifications will be required to commit to the requirements of the W3C Patent Policy.

Phase 1 drafts

Execution Model

Security Model

Alarm API

Contacts API

Messaging API

Telephony API

Raw Sockets API

Phase 2 drafts

Bluetooth API

Browser API

Calendar API

Device Capabilities API

Idle API

Media Storage API

Network Interface API

Secure Elements API

System Settings API