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Welcome to the Social Web Working Group (SocialWG) home page!

Social Web Working Group

Tantek Çelik (Mozilla)
Arnaud Le Hors (IBM)
Evan Prodromou (e14N)
Staff Contact
Harry Halpin (W3C/MIT)



How to participate

To join this group, if you are affiliated with a W3C member organization:

  1. Use the form for getting a W3C account or recovering an old one
  2. Have your AC representative nominate you using the form for joining this group

The chairs and staff may permit people to join as "invited experts"; to pursue this option, fill out the Invited Expert Application and the chairs will contact you in about a week. Send any questions about this process to Harry Halpin.

If you are officially in the group, you will automatically receive group email and your login and password will work on this wiki.


We currently use IRC, email, telcons, and face-to-face meetings for discussion:



The IRC channel is logged on the publicly-visible URL above. You can bookmark the URL and it will redirect to the current day.

You can get your photo to appear next to your name in the logs by adding yourself to the IRC-people page.

Dedicated to Social Web Working Group discussions. See public-socialweb archive. Read-write for WG members. Read-only for non-members. 
For Social Web public discussions. See public-socialweb-comments archive. Read-write for all, WG members and non-members alike.


Weekly telecons take place on Tuesdays at 1 PM US/Eastern (10 AM US/Pacific, 19:00 Paris, etc, see time converter for more options), as determined by poll.

Dial-in and Conference Code
1-617-761-6200 (or SIP Instructions), SOCL (7625) #
Next meeting
2014-09-02 - Weekly WG call

If this is your first W3C telecon, please join #IRC, and read about how to talk to Zakim, W3C's IRC bot that helps facilitate meetings using IRC in conjunction with the W3C's audio teleconference bridge.

Face to face Meetings

Upcoming f2f meetings of SocialWG:

Past Telecons & Meetings



To document proposals, ideas, even specifications that are social web related, please create pages for them on this wiki and to link to them from here.


You may preface your page names with "socialwg/" if you pick a particularly generic name and/or wish to indicate the scope in the name.


Issues and Actions related to this WG are managed via the W3C Tracker. See Social Web WG Tracker.


List of github aliases: Socialwg/Github



The Social Web Working Group workmode is currently in discussion among the chairs / team contact.

For now please use the following:


A rough schedule for the work of the WG.

  • Social data syntax
    • Deciding on a direction
      • Collect different social data syntax structures - ~ Aug 12 2014
      • Collect requirements ~ Aug 12 2014
      • Compare social data syntax structures
      • Milestone: confirm social data syntax direction - Sep 2 2014
    • Initial version
      • Informal architecture - Sep 30 2014
    • Draft version
      • Initial draft version - Oct 14 2014
      • TPAC - Oct 28 2014
  • Social API
    • Direction
      • Collect social APIs - ~Aug 12 2014
      • Collect requirements - ~Aug 12 2014
      • Compare
      • Milestone confirm direction - Sep 2 2014
    • Initial version
      • Informal architecture - Sep 30 2014
    • Draft version
      • Initial draft version - Oct 14 2014
      • TPAC - Oct 28 2014
  • Federation protocol
    • Decide on a direction
      • Collect federation protocol APIs - ~Sep 16 2014
      • Collect requirements - ~Sep 16 2014
      • Milestone: confirm federation protocol direction - Sep 30 2014
    • Initial version
      • Informal architecture - Oct 28 2014
    • Draft version
      • Nov 25, 2014


Related Organizations

The following organizations are also working on Social Web technologies:

Related Technologies

Applied for Membership

Tantek Çelik has encouraged people who have applied for invited expert membership to list themselves here.

Invited Expert Approval

To be approved as an invited expert, one or more of the chairs and/or W3C staff contact and/or their management have to vouch for you. They likely have different criteria for vouching, and may or may not document (all of) their criteria publicly. E.g.


  • Tantek Çelik:
    • For me, an expert on the social web MUST be actively publishing social content on their own website. Merely sharecropping on silos or contributing to open source projects only makes you a hobbyist, not an "expert". -Tantek
  • Evan Prodromou
  • Arnaud Le Hors
    • Given the applicability of this technology behind the firewall of an enterprise, I don't share Tantek's view on what constitutes an expert in the matter.
      • Rather than simply disagreeing (which is fine), perhaps you could describe (and focus on) what does constitute an expert in the matter in your opinion. :) -t

W3C Staff Contacts:

  • Harry Halpin
    • Temporary Invited Expert status is the most that can be offered to those whose organisation W3C believes should be able to join the W3C, but nonetheless a 6 month "test-run" of the WG was viewed as appropriate.
  • Wendy Seltzer (his manager)
  • Tim Berners-Lee (her manager)


Please add questions which have been answered in IRC by the chairs here:

  • ...

Am I Relevant To This WG

Q: Am I important or relevant to this working group?

A: Do you:

  • implement social web technologies?
  • or publish social content on a website you control? (social content, from you to others, regarding yourself and/or others, blogrolls (e.g. using XFN for social relationships, e.g. )

Or both? In either case, the working group can use your input relating to your personal experience with doing so.

See Also