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OBSOLETE PAGE -- see http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers

Title Authors Category Summary Assignment
Dublin Core Application Profiles
Separating Validation from Semantics
Coyle and Baker (none) talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Bounds: Expressing Reservations about Incoming Data
Skjæveland and Stolpe (none) talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
RDF Validation requirements for data about products, services and companies
Harrison (none) talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
On RDF Validation, Stardog ICV and Assorted Remarks
Clark and Sirin Requirements
Proposed Solution
Linked Data Profiles
Davidson Requirements talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Thoughts on Validating RDF Healthcare Data
Booth Requirements
Proposed Solutions
Experiences with the Design of the W3C XML Schema Definition Language
Mendelsohn Requirements
Experience w/ XSD
OSLC Resource Shape: A Linked Data Constraint Language
Fokoue and Ryman Requirements
Proposed Solution
RDF Validation in a Linked Data World
A vision beyond structural and value range validation
Esteban-Gutiérrez, García-Castro and Mihindukulasooriya Requirements talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Europeana and RDF data validation
A short expression of interest from a vocabulary owner
Isaac Requirements
Implementation Experience
A Semantic Web-Based Framework for Quality Assurance of Electronic Medical Records Data for Secondary Use
Jiang, Solbrig and Chute Implemenation Experience in Healthcare Domain talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Forms to direct interaction with Linked Data Platform APIs
Menday Application to LDP talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Using SPARQL to Validate Open Annotation RDF Graphs
Gerber, Cole and Lowery Implementation Experience in Annotation Domain talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Definition of and Requirements For RDF Validation
Solbrig Requirements talk:RdfValidationWorkshop/Papers/
Validation: requirements and approaches
Reynolds Requirements
Code Lists