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meetings on RdfCalendar...

see also: ScheduledTopicChat

The www-rdf-calendar announcement of April 2001 followed an RDF Interest Group meeting at which several of us realised we shared an interest in this area. There is also a writeup on xml.com, July 2001, that provides a bit more background.

Following a workshop in Bristol, and discussion on www-rdf-calendar we set up an RDF Calendar Workspace to manage an RdfCalendarSchema and test collection (see 2003-06-11 #rdfig for more historical background).


We hold the occasional ScheduledTopicChat, announced to www-rdf-calendar and held in #rdfig on freenode (oops... ChannelsAreResourcesToo). The IRC logs and weblogs generally serve as meeting records, though summaries are sometimes mailed out.

Another meeting is scheduled for 4 February 2004, 22:00 UTC @@put more useful pointer here



We try to eat our own dogfood: calendar, 2003-04-23 calendar, 2003-04-09 calendar, 2003-03-26 calendar, 2003-03-12 calendar, 2003-02-26 calendar, 2003-02-12 calendar, 2003-02-05 calendar, 2003-01-22 calendar, 2003-01-15 calendar, 2003-01-08

agenda requests for upcoming meetings: