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Tracking Protection Working Group

Info on the Tracking Protection Working Group is maintained on the group home page. The group uses this wiki for collecting certain quickly-changing resources; participants should feel free to make changes to help the group as a whole.

You can also see a list of past background memos and an ongoing list of editorial corrections, collected on the wiki.

Important links

Important dates

Change proposals

Change proposals currently under discussion

PHASES to resolve issues:
M0 (announcement): Initial call for change proposals; All change proposals should be drafted
M1 (discussion): Initial change proposals have been submitted; Discussion on change proposals; Call for final list of change proposals
M2 (discussion): List of change proposals is frozen; Discussion whether clear consensus emerges for one change proposal
M3 (announcement): Call for objections to validate / determine consensus
M5 (deadline): Deadline for inputs to call for objections (2 weeks after M3); Analysis starts
M7 (announcement): Results are announced

Change proposals under Call for Objections

List of all change proposals

Resolved change proposals