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* [[Do Not Track HTTP Headers]]
* [[Do Not Track HTTP Headers]]
* [[P3P]]
* [[P3P]]
* [[Fingerprinting]]
== Papers ==  
== Papers ==  

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Privacy Interest Group

See the W3C Privacy Interest Group (PING) home page or join the group.

Are you working within W3C Working Groups or other ongoing privacy-related work?
Update our list of connections to other groups.

Work Items

  • Privacy Considerations -- please share your ideas, goals or resources for a W3C Privacy Considerations document.

W3C Reports, Events, Groups, Specifications




The W3C runs a public mailing list where Web privacy matters are discussed; we also use this list for discussion of Privacy Interest Group work.

Conference calls are scheduled on a periodic (monthly? biweekly? weekly?) basis. W3C provides the Zakim Conference System to assist.

Joining the calls

  • Please also join us on IRC in the #privacy room.
    • Server: irc.w3.org
    • Port: 6665 N.B.: This is not the default IRC port!
    • Username: <your name>
    • Channel: #privacy

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Next call: Thursday, 2012-07-19; 9am PT, 12pm ET, 4pm UTC, 6pm CET, check your time

  • Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, code 7464 (PING)
    • SIP/VOIP call-in available.
  • Please also join us in IRC in the #privacy room.
    • Server: irc.w3.org
    • Username: <your name>
    • Port: 6665 N.B.: not the default IRC port!
    • Channel: #privacy

Agenda will typically be posted to the mailing list at least 24 hours before the call. Minutes will be generally be available shortly after the meeting.

Ideas around privacy

  • Secret: Ability of someone to control the personal data gathering and usage. One school of thoughts toward being suspicious about hiding, the other being that it is part of individual freedom rights.
  • Calmness: Possibility for someone to not be disturbed in the daily life, with a control on the ability of people accessing you. It includes the seek for being forgotten.
  • Individual autonomy: Ability to take important decisions in a way that enable self expression and diverse intimate relationships

Web Technologies with implication on Privacy

A few technologies already exist with strong implications on Web Tracking and user Privacy.


see also: PrivacyAwareWeb