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This is the wiki root of the W3C's Pointer Events Working Group, chartered to "provide methods to enable simple device independent input from pointing devices such as mouse, pen, and multi-touch screen".

Feedback on the group's work and the chartered deliverables is welcome, via the WG's public-pointer-events mail list.



The Publicly available charter was approved in November 2012 and expires in November 2014.


The group has topic-specific distributed teleconferences Meetings and some face-to-face (f2f) meetings. All of the group's meeting Minutes are Publicly available and draft meeting agendas are submitted to the group's public-pointer-events mail list.


All of the group's documents are included in the W3C's Hg/Mercurial repository (http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/pointerevents/).

See the group's PubStatus page for the latest publication status regarding all of the group's specifications.


The group's tests are include in the group's Hg/Mercurial repository. A more browser friendly mirror of the tests is available in the group's Hg Mirror.

Tracking Bugs, Issues and Actions

  • Bug and Issue tracking - Bugzilla is used to track Bugs and Issues
  • Action tracking - Tracker is used for all action tracking (e.g. admin related actions)

Group Membership

A list of W3C Members organizations formally participating in this group is provided in Member List and (Participant List identifies the individuals in the group.

Coordination with Other Working Groups

The group's specifications are relevant to some other W3C Working Groups as documented in the charter.

Liaisons With External Groups

Currently, the group has no formal liaisons with organizations or groups outside of the W3C.