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(11:30 Update on Coremob Report (Natasha))
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Build into Deliverables
Build into Deliverables
=== Push ''(Bryan Sullivan or Dan Druta, AT&T)'' ===
''(Continues after lunch)''
== 10:45 Update on Coremob Report ''(Natasha)'' ==  
== 10:45 Update on Coremob Report ''(Natasha)'' ==  

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Face-to-Face Home

09:00am: Welcome to the Web and Mobile Interest Group! (Natasha)

  • Welcome to the Webmob IG!
  • Both observers and members are welcome today
  • Introductions
    • Name, company, position and whether you are an observer / member?
  • Full Schedule, [Thursday], Friday
  • QUESTION: Does anyone feel like something is missing?
  • If so, can be raised in AOB

09:30am Working towards a successful IG (Natasha)

Interest Group

  • Doesn’t make specs
  • Focus on requirements, use cases, tests, data, strategies
  • Task forces


  • Understanding how the group can work collaboratively to achieve goals
  • First of all - THE CHAIRS ARE HERE FOR YOU! (and Dom is here too!)
  • Communication methods should help too
    • Public mailing list
    • IRC
    • Twitter
    • Email us directly if you need to.


Regular teleconference meetings

  • Every other Wednesday at 3pm GMT
  • New wiki page for all details
  • Is the time ok with most people?
  • Scribes
  • Regrets
  • Any other comments?

Face-to-face meetings

  • We will try to hold at TPAC again
  • Can attempt a teleconf / IRC / Mailing List structure
  • We should assess the work we have to do and make a decision based on this.


Modes of Work

  • Tracking Actions and Issues
  • Github
  • IRC
  • Mailing Lists
  • News


Any other comments / thoughts / suggestions?

10:30am: BREAK

11:00am: Focus Topics Round 1

Updates, current implementations, issues and ways we can help in the following areas:



Anything else?

Issues with the Current Proposals

  • App Cache - scalability, unexpected results, fallbacks broken, http.conf, declare everything, XHR requests, Images, debugging
  • Local Storage - Easy, but just for strings?
  • IndexedDB - Large learning curve
  • File Access - ? (Should this be considered 'Offline')

Anything else?

New Proposals

  • ServiceWorker - ServiceWorkers are a new feature for the web platform that lets a script persistently cache resources and handle all resource requests for an application -- even when the network isn't available. Putting it all together, ServiceWorkers give you a way to build applications that work offline.

Anything else?

Potential Issues

1. How do we feel about the new proposals (ServiceWorker)?

2. How do we feel about the timeline?

3. Would it work on mobile?

4. Would it work for mobile developers?

Anything else?

How should WEBMOB help?

  • Researching Specs
  • Use Cases
  • Requirements
  • Resources
  • Tests
  • Implementations
  • Documentation

Next Steps

Build into Deliverables

10:45 Update on Coremob Report (Natasha)


  • Update on current status of report profile implementation
  • Discussion on further work needed in the report
  • Discussion of effort needed on working towards greater implementation
  • Since last year, Geolcation and Video are now interoperable.

Should we continue to publish it? How should we deal with outstanding requirements not yet in the platform?

  • File/track-down bugs directly in the bug tracker of various browsers.

My suggestion would be to keep the 2012 report as it stood and publish updates to the status tables showing then/now - I am not clear that this is distinctly different from the Current State document by Dom. Worth discussing the pros and cons of having a single document for tracking.

Might be worth considering doing a 2013 report with a different set of use cases.

CoreMob tracking

For each relevant feature highlighted in CoreMob:

  • identify and document roadblock towards greater deployment
  • propose action plan to lift or reduce it

Spec review

  • reviewing spec with multiple devices and connection types in mind
  • reviewing spec with limited CPU / battery in mind
  • review spec to ensure they fulfil our identified use cases

12:30pm: LUNCH

01:30pm: Focus Topics Round 1

Cont. from before.

Scrolling (Natasha, guest speaker: Tobie)


  • Current / Recent Work

Issues with the Current Proposals

  • Issues

New Proposals

  • Proposals

Potential Issues

1. Questions

How should WEBMOB help?

  • Researching Specs
  • Use Cases
  • Requirements
  • Resources
  • Tests
  • Implementations
  • Documentation

Next Steps

Build into Deliverables

02:00pm: Testing Effort at W3C (Tobie Langel)

In this session, we'll look at W3C's new Test the Web Forward effort which focuses on testing the Open Web Platform. This should be particularly relevant to this IG as the breadth of the effort was strongly influenced by the Coremob report. We'll look at the project plan, status update, and current challenges we face. And of course, we'll leave plenty of time for questions and discussion.

03pm: BREAK

03:30pm: Focus Topics Round 2

Updates, current implementations, issues and ways we can help in the following areas:

Home Screen Bookmarking (Natasha, Lead: Marcos)

History / Current proposals

  • Marcos agreed to lead this. Ernesto Jiménez has agreed to help with the research.
  • Document looks at history, and what is supported.

Issues with the Current Proposals

  • Lots of fragmentation
  • Browser vendors have ignored a lot of what HTML already provides to do installed webapps. We need to find out why? (e.g., <link rel="icon"> and <meta name="application-name">)

How can WEBMOB help?

  • look at what proprietary solutions exist
  • look at how content is making use of proprietary solutions
  • look at native apps, see what they have that the Web doesn't

Next Steps

  • do the archeology
  • do statistical analysis of the data
  • produce use cases and requirements
  • Any volunteers to help out?


UI Primitives (Marcos)

  • What primitives are we missing from HTML to create application layouts?
  • What do we mean by "primitive"? (e.g., img element is the core primitive for images, input is the core primitive for user input)
  • Web Components wraps primitives - doesn't give you new ones! It allows for new UI components to be composed of HTML primitives.
  • So what is missing?

Android and iOS

  • Could we take inspiration from other platforms? iOS? Android?
  • iOS and Android.

Work needed

  • We need someone to investigate this space.
  • reach out to HTMLWG, WHATWG
  • investigate UI toolkits (particularly for UI performance bottle necks)
  • missing form elements
  • data binding to UI controllers

05:00pm: Close