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At this year's TPAC the WebMob IG will be doing something a little different! Rather than holding a large 2-day meeting we're taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in some other group meetings, run some breakout sessions and hold some smaller ad-hoc meetings to work directly on some of our projects. Please see details below!

TPAC 2014 (a W3C event) takes place 27 Oct to 31 Oct 2014 in Santa Clara, California.

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Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri: Working Group Meetings: relevant meetings and presentations

Please see a list of the group meetings here. Below is a list of the groups that are relevant to our meeting. Please remember, to attend most meetings you will require permission from the chair of that group, and whilst it's good to participate in the meeting remember the group members should be the ones doing most of the talking!

  • [Mon/ Tue] Geolocation WG: Presentation on Permissions: We have asked the Geolocations WG chair whether we can present on the Geolocation Permissions issue! Awaiting a response.
  • [Mon/Tue] Web Applications Working Group: amongst other fun stuff there should be some stuff about service workers!
  • [Mon/Tue] Web Application Security Working Group: there is a lot of interesting stuff happening the in both the crypto and webappsec groups - hardware tokens, identity, credentials etc (all stuff we were looking into earlier in the year).
  • [Mon/Tue] Web Payments Interest Group: the charter should be done (or done soon), so this could be a good time to see what work these guys are focusing on and what mobile-specific items are of importance.
  • [Thur] Web Cryptography: the Web Crypto API is in last call and this group is planning it's next charter! It looks like the group will continue to do some work on public key cryptography and making functions available to developers as well as exploring hardware tokens!
  • [Thur/Fri] Privacy Interest Group: this group has a wide focus but some elements might of interest to us. If permissions is on the agenda, then this would be particularly useful.
  • [Thur/Fri] System Applications Working Group: it will be good for us to know and be aware of the work going on within the sys apps group and how we can support their APIs with use cases and requirements.

Wed: Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will be held on Wednesday 29th October at 08:30-14:30. Breakouts are "unconference" style meetings where anyone can attend, present, ask questions, etc.. This year the there will be three 1-hour slots for breakouts.

 • 08:30-08:35: Welcome — Jeff Jaffe
 • 08:35-09:15: Breakout preparation
 • 09:15-10:15: 10 rooms for breakouts
 • 10:15-10:45: Break
 • 10:45-11:45: 10 rooms for breakouts
 • 11:45-13:15: Lunch (in ballroom)
 • 13:15-14:15: 8 rooms for breakouts

Below is a list of our prepared and recommended proposed breakout sessions from the current list (which can be found at the below link) - remember, more will be proposed on the day!

TPAC Breakout Session Ideas

  • [Webmob organised!] Crowd sourcing use cases: spec development at light-speed!: Webmob gets its work done by focusing on individual tasks, finding the right people and working together to get documents out the door quickly. We will hold a breakout which explains the process in greater detail and answers some questions as to how to get started working in this way. We hope chairs, our group members, and other group members will attend!
  • [Webmob organised!] What do you want from your Mobile Carrier?: Pay-from-bill API? Data-usage API? Or Geo location? Over the past few months many developers and technologists have been asking for MORE from the mobile operators. What do you want? This session will discuss some ideas for APIs, data, ideas and solutions which could improve the web and operator collaboration and allow developers to do more with mobile operator stuff. Please add your ideas below or bring them to the session!
  • [Session run by Dom] Telcos at W3C: A significant number of W3C Members have their core business in the telecommunication space (mobile operators, network equipment providers); this session aims at discussing how W3C can better serve the needs and aspirations from that industry.
  • [Marcos on the Panel!] After (HTML) 5 - Web Standards Ecosystem in 2024: What is the Web we want in 2024 and what is the optimal Web standards ecosystem to help achieve that?
  • [Permissions] Trust and Permissions in the Open Web Platform: This session will discuss next steps for work on trust and permissions in the Open Web Platform

Adhoc Sessions

We're currently working on a few items - Sharing, and Permissions. We may hold some adhoc meetings to work on these during TPAC. Check back here for more details! We will also send something round to the group if we decide on dates and times.

I wanna talk to the chairs!

Attending TPAC and you want to speak to Marcos or I (Natasha) directly? You can! We will both be at TPAC the whole week. I look this this (sometimes with glasses) and Marcos looks like this (but less like a spy). If you're having trouble finding us try the IRC channel (#webmob) or tweet us @marcosc and @thisNatasha. See you soon!