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Please add possible tasks for members of the group here.

Task List

Status: this is still being edited

Depending on their interests and abilities, the WebMob participants can contribute to the goals of the group by picking up the following tasks; for each set of tasks, people can volunteer to act as coaches for others who would want to get involved but don't know how.

Spec review

  • reviewing spec with multiple devices and connection types in mind
  • reviewing spec with limited CPU / battery in mind
  • review spec to ensure they fulfill our identified use cases

See also Early ideas for spec reviews


CoreMob tracking

For each relevant feature highlighted in CoreMob:

  • identify and document roadblock towards greater deployment
  • propose action plan to lift or reduce it


Data gathering

  • Collect data on usage of features in the wild (possibly across platforms)
  • write relevant (short/informal) report to inform specification process


Roadmap report

Coaches: Dom

Closing the gap report

Coaches: Dom

Accelerated spec development

  • develop/complete use cases (incl. by interviewing people with real needs)
  • prototype spec (e.g. prollyfill) to let broader community give feedback
  • develop test cases
  • help fixing spec bugs


Outreach on existing capabilities

When a given feature exists but is too little known or understood:

  • create developer documentation (e.g. on
  • build demos with the said feature
  • communicate widely about those (social media, conferences, etc)


Articles tracking

There is every so often articles and reports that point us to new information that can help us define our goals and set priorities:

  • watch for relevant articles
  • link to them and summarize them in our [Mobile/Articles Articles page]
  • comment on the list how they should inform our goals


Identify needs for new capabilities


Mobile Best Practice

  • Identify sources of "Best Practice" (e.g. GSMA, Google, W3C ...)
  • Commentary and comparison


Brain Dump

Please just dump ideas here.

  • Offline Capabilities / Web Apps
  • Closing the Gap
  • Taking apart Scott Jenson's post and applying the tasks from there