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Welcome to the Web and Mobile Interest Group section of the W3C Wiki! Please use the search box to find a page, or see the links below.


MAIN LINK: Meetings Page

  • Please visit the Meetings Page for details of the upcoming meetings.
  • TPAC Face-to-Face - information on our TPAC Face-to-Face meeting which was held on 14th - 15th November in Shenzhen, China.


MAIN LINK: Work Page

  • The group manages it's work via Task Forces. Please visit the Work Page for details of Task Forces and Deliverables.
  • Modes of Work - information on how we complete our work, track action items, and our use of teleconferences and IRC
  • Posting to Mailing Lists - Tips on posting to the mailing lists, including best practices.

New and Popular Pages on the Wiki

We use the Wiki for informal documentation, and Github for formal documents. Please see a list of links to wiki pages we are working on below.


Check out our New Participants Page!

Mailing List

How can the Web and Mobile IG help our WG / IG / CG?

The Web and Mobile IG exists to support the W3C and all it's groups in helping to get the web to be the choice for developers in mobile app development. If your Interest Group, Working Group or Community Group could do with our support then please let us know by visiting us on IRC, or emailing the group.


The Chairs

Please get in contact with the chairs whenever you need to via IRC, or [ by emailing the group]. Participants can find our direct contact information on the member only participant list.