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Meetings and Workshops

Extensible Web Summit wasn't a W3C event

Publicly announced with 2 weeks' notice, not under the guise of a Workshop, not directly affiliated with the TAG.

Goal: a constructive, rough-consensus-driven environment

Agile vs. Inclusive is difficult balance.

- How do we make the process agile? - Reality: implementers are more equal than others. - Reality: more people in the room means lower velocity. - But we want to be inclusive. (See goal.) - Remote participation is critical.

Meetings - CG, WG, AB, TAG - and Workshops - Proposal

-The default mode for many meetings should be "distributed". -This allows shorter-than-8-week timeframes, as long as

 -remote participation is enabled - "is topic x worth traveling half-way around the world"
 -minutes are taken (and live on IRC)
 - it is understood that binding decisions cannot be made in realtime without a full, announced WG meeting.

You still need

-Hosting group to approve use of attribution -Host to supply logistics (space, food, whatever) -Minuting -Remote participation - from 1-way telephone to livestreaming/WebRTC participation.