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There are a lot of big meetings organized by W3C. Someone asked about a wiki page for letting people know when you are arriving at one and would like to share a taxi - especially in places where taxis are very expensive, or meet to take a bus, train, or hotel shuttle. So here it is.

Please, put entries in chronological order.

Please, note that this page is public.

W3C TPAC Meeting, Lyon France

venue: Cité Centre de Congrès de Lyon 50, quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon Cedex 06

Arrivals to Lyon

Date Time Airport Info Flight Info Hotel Name Email Notes
27 Oct 09:50am FRA to LYS LH/AC 9402 Mercure Bottreaux 3 Liam Quin
27 Oct 12:10pm MUC to LYS LH 2248 Mercure Bottreaux 3 Karen Myers 1.978.502.6218
28 Oct 14:00 ZUR to LYS LX 532 Mercure Veronica Thom
28 Oct 17:35 LHR to LYS BA 362 Mercure Richard Ishida
28 Oct 20:05 CDG to LYS AF 7648 / JL 5399 Mercure Michael[tm] Smith
29 Oct 15:00 TPAC Shawn Henry

Departures from Lyon

Date Meeting
Flight Time Airport Info Flight Info Meeting
Name Email Notes
Nov 02 12:00 14:40 LYS to ZHR LX 533 TPAC Art Barstow
Nov 03 10:30 TPAC Shawn Henry
Nov 03 11:35 LYS to LHR BA 0361 Hotel Mercure Liam Quin
Nov 03 12:50 LYS to MUC LH 2249 Hotel Mercure Karen Myers
Nov 03 14:55 16:00 LYS to ZHR LX 533 TPAC Veronica

REMINDER: Please, put entries in chronological order.