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Name of idea=

Web OS Workshop

Submitter name

Dave Raggett


This idea is (CHOOSE ONE):

  • A trend in information technology that requires further standardization

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

We want to organize a W3C workshop to identify a roadmap for further standardization for trusted web applications. The aim is to make the Web the compelling choice for application developers based upon open standards for rich access to device capabilities, excellent performance, strong security and privacy, ease of app discovery, effective means for monetizing apps, and low development and maintenance costs for targeting a heterogeneous mix of device types.

This will build upon existing efforts, e.g. the System Applications Working Group, and many other Working Groups contributing to making the Web stronger for application development.

Benefit(s) to Web or W3C

A stronger and and clearer roadmap for further standardization and

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting


Feedback/Questions on the idea

See thread on SysApps List: