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Name of idea

Easy Access to W3C Specs

Submitter name

Xiaoqian(Cindy) Wu


None of the above

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

Developers are always fascinated by the latest technologies, so many of them have strong willingness to look into our standards and tell us their professional opinions about these areas, but quite a few of them give up at the very beginning because our specs are not easy to read. If these potential readers lost their interests in our specs, it's no surprise they will never comment on our drafts or even turn to some other standards against us, which might be harmful to our attempt to build vibrant technical groups or our vision for One Web.

To help the developers get access to W3C specs, we hope to invite editors or other experts in each working groups to write articles about how to read the specs, and post the multi-language versions of these articles in a certain position of the specs. These articles will provide answers to these questions:

  • What should you know before you start reading this spec?
  • How is this document put together?
  • How to work with the spec?
  • Where to discuss about the spec or ask some stupid questions?

Benefit(s) to Web or W3C

Help developers understand our technology or standards better, and be more willing to comment on our drafts or participant our other activities; Help to keep the consistency of our specification, as well as to develop new technologies for the interests of more people. Help to expand the influence of W3C among developers or the the public.

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting

the Public, especially Developers Working Groups, especially Editors W3C Staffs Members

Feedback/Questions on the idea