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Name of idea

Developers voice

Submitter name



This idea is:

  • None of the above: a way to improved our standards development

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

A lot of our work ends up in the hands of developers who have to apply it to business problems; yet, while the Web shines from its huge developers community, we have very little direct connection with this community.

This headlight suggests into looking to a more formal representation of developers in W3C which would inform our standards process, but also our communications to the broader community. Some of the ideas around this involved getting the developer themselves elect one or several representatives which would then be accountable to the developers community.

Benefit(s) to Web or W3C

  • closer feedback loop with the end-users of our technologies
  • greater visibility to the developers community

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting

  • developers
  • WGs

Feedback/Questions on the idea