Headlights2014/Data gathering on existing Web usages

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Name of idea

Data gathering on existing usages of Web technologies in the wild.

Submitter name



This idea is

  • None of the above: a way to improved our ability to produce relevant standards

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

A number of Working Groups try to inform their design decisions on patterns of existing usages on the Web (markup construction, css rules, JavaScript code, etc). Right now, this information is gathered on an ad-hoc basis, either by asking owner of large harvest of Web documents to share some of their available information, or through ad-hoc requests in existing open repositories of Web documents.

This headlight suggests the creation of a more robust infrastructure available to all Working Groups, lowering the bar for groups to adopt these practices and increasing W3C visibility on emerging needs for standardization.

Benefit(s) to Web or W3C

  • greater visibility on new usage
  • better feedback loop on standards development
  • more efficient usage of Working Group participants time

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting

  • WG chairs and participants

Feedback/Questions on the idea

  • wseltzer: What is a "Web usage"? I don't understand the scope of the proposed repository.
  • dom: Web Usage: measuring the popularity (or correctness, or …) of a specific markup construction, or of css rules, or of a given JavaScript API, or of a given HTTP header, etc.