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TPAC 2013 Feedback

Feedback to Ian Jacobs on 6 Nov 2013 Wireframes.

Top nav

  • I discussed with several people whether the (expanding) top nav should link into the current page or take you to another page. My conclusion is that:
    • It should link to other pages (otherwise would behave differently on every page)
    • We may well want an in-page navigation mechanism. (One idea I had was to have the in-page navigation appear, as a sticky block, once you start scrolling.)
  • "Innovation agenda" did not work for people in the top nav.
  • People wanted to see the word "developer" in the top nav as a clear link to the developer offernigs.

Search / Type-ahead

  • In the spec results there was a desire to have a link to the spec but also to the spec details page.
  • One idea was to have top-five based on social graph.
  • Robin Berjon said we could put metadata in respec (a tool used by W3C spec editors) that could serve as metadata for type-ahead

W3C mission section on home

  • Can we update the image frequently?

Developer section on home

  • "Put our standards to work" does not speak enough to developers. "Use Web technologies" or "Use our stuff" more for developers

Industry section on home

    • Need link to all Member testimonials page.

Industry landing page

  • In time-sensitive portions of page (list of recent specs), how will that content be determined/maintained?
  • How will we determine which groups are related? And how will that list be maintained over time?
  • Where we have a roadmap for a particular industry (as we do for mobile and should have for TV), where would that link go?
  • BizDev supportive of promotional area on landing page.

TR page

  • The wireframe shows pages of specs; we also need a "view all" option.
  • People recommended that the "spec info" be a separate page rather than a modal.
  • On the spec details page, put the "Update" in the upper right corner and spec history below it
    • History is likely to grow, and update is more important.
  • Above the history, include clear links for "latest version" and "nightly" in addition to the dated links.
  • Other info for spec details page:
    • Editors
  • Some groups maintain additional information about specs. For those that do, we should have an easy to find link to that page from the TR page.
  • Lots of support for removing the technology groupings.
    • However, for search/type-ahead there will still be a need to associate tags with specs.
  • If our spec details pages are shortname-based then we need to manage redirects when shortnames changed.

Mobile view

  • High priority that the site work well on phone and tablet. Progressive enhancement approach recommended.
  • Type-ahead will work on mobile; but challenge is cross-browser compatibility.
  • Browser-sniffing is a necessary evil we should not rely too heavily on.

Donors / Sponsors

  • One person thought this section should only appear on the home page.
  • W3C BizDev supports idea of displaying site sponsors (rather than org sponsors) in the sponsor block.
  • One potential sponsor interested in limiting number of sponsors that might appear in the block.

Working Group home pages

  • Just as we plan to have a (mostly generated) page about each spec that is a useful 1-page view, we should do the same thing for groups. Our "list of groups" page would link to these 1-page views. This "list of groups" page would act like the tr page (sorting, filtering, etc.). These public generated views would act as the public-facing information for all the groups.
  • Group public pages should also have links to relevant dev resources such as tutorials, articles, webplatform.org resources)
  • That means that WGs could do whatever they want on their "group pages". We can provide them a few reusable widgets like:
    • List of specs
    • List of participants (and info about how to join)
    • Meeting calendar (which, if they use, could populate a global w3c calendar)
  • Will we have pages for closed groups? How will we manage URIs when groups close?
  • It would be good to link the group's list of specs (found on the TR page) and the one in its charter. At charter renewal time we want to verify that the proposed list of group specs matches expectations set on TR (e.g., the group has not retired a spec in the meantime).

Other comments


  • Example: rotating member testimonials. Ok to have auto-rotate without pause button and to use WAI-ARIA.


  • Social interactions (twitter, facebook, ...) missing from wireframes. Some ideas: top right side or footer.

Spec redesign

  • I spoke with Fantasai, who is interested in working on this

Content Strategy

  • Question asked again and again: who is going to create/maintain that?


  • The systems team asked us to be sure to include the interactions for people to get W3C accounts in the redesign.