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Notes from Ian Jacobs for now


  • I want to create a web site
  • I want to build a mobile app
  • I want to see if my site is accessible
  • How do I include video in my site?
  • I am writing a tool that uses HTML5. Are there tests available?
  • I want to know how what the Web has to do with my industry
  • How do I browse and ensure my privacy?
  • I have a new idea for a web technology
  • How do I use API xx in my web app?


  • Use Web Technology and Standards
    • Technology roadmap
    • Specs (including news, heatmaps, etc.)
    • Implementor resources (tests, IPR info)
    • Developer resources (w3conf tools, training, documentation)
    • Review specifications or provide feedback
    • New ideas? See participation in groups
  • Create Web Technology and Standards
    • Innovation to Standardization (lifecycle, process, patent policy)
    • Join a group (account, types of participation, agreements you sign)
    • Start a new group (explain CG, WG, etc.)
    • List of groups and related resources (people, mailing lists, etc.)
    • Guide for participating in and running groups
  • How the Web is Transforming Industry and Society
    • Vertical stories (mobile, auto, publishing, tv)
    • Horizontal stories (privacy, accessibility, security, internationalization)
    • Web and Internet backgrounder
    • How you can improve the Web
  • What is the Web (and other essential questions)
    • Basics of Architecture
    • Relation to Internet
    • Role of W3C
    • Note: The purpose of this section is not to make W3C a site for new developers, but rather to give context so that people understand our role.
  • Join the W3C Community
    • Basics about the organizational structure, funding model, etc.
    • Director and CEO
    • Staff (with mention of Hosts, Offices)
    • Members
    • Many other contributors
    • Liaisons
    • Relation to WF
  • Support the W3C mission
    • Mission
    • Sponsorship, donations, etc.
  • Misc
    • Press