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* Promote benefits of Membership more clearly
* Re-evaluate W3C’s Brand Position
* Do more marketing, esp. of W3C
* Better promote W3C’s membership benefits
* Address perceived business process issues

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This public wiki holds notes related to the 2013 Headlights task force on redesigning the W3C site. Questions? Contact Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>.

Thanks to the participants for their work! Discussions on public-site-design@w3.org (archive) and irc.w3.org:#site-design


    • Identify W3C audiences and their priority needs
    • Catalog key resources available on w3.org
      • What we have (e.g., specifications, blog posts, etc.)
      • What we don't have and want
      • What we expect to live elsewhere (e.g., Web Platform Docs)
    • Ensure the W3C Web site:
      • Addresses primary needs
      • Makes it easy for different audiences to find key resources
      • Communicates the W3C brand proposition (cf related task force)
      • Communicates clearly the nature and impact of the Open Web Platform
      • Motivates people to participate and helps fuel activity.


    • Phase I: Create a proposal
    • Phase II: Implement the new site (and any processes)

Phase I

This task force will write a proposal expected to include:

    • Mission/vision statement (reflecting revamped branding, separate task force)
    • Key audiences/users and their needs
    • Prioritized #Goals
    • Scope of redesign and implementation requirements
    • High-level vision for W3C site
    • Guidance on content strategy
    • Success criteria
    • Estimated budget and potential sponsors
      • We might list some potential sponsors for the project.
    • Anticipated timeline for launch by end of 2014

Phase II

W3C Audiences


  • Developers and designers
  • C-Level audiences in diverse industries


  • Members (notably Advisory Committee Representatives)
  • Chairs (of all types of groups)

Staff Stakeholders

  • Developer relations team
  • Business development staff
  • Web Accessibility Initiative
  • Systems Team
  • W3C Management ("W3M")




  • Owner: W3C Marcomm
  • Frequency: Several weekly
  • Audience: Primarily technical


  • Owner: W3C Marcomm
  • Frequency: 5-10 monthly
  • Audience: Diverse


    • Talks
    • Meetings
    • Supported Conferences


    • Index (/TR)
    • Specifications themselves
    • Status pages

Mailing lists

Group subsites


Member subsite

Miscellaneous pages about W3C


    • Strong W3C brand story
    • Clear presentation of Open Web Platform
    • Clear presentation of all the ways to get evolved
    • Landing pages for verticals (e.g., auto, digital publishing)


    • Web Platform Docs


    • Gather some data (with permission) for a couple of months

Notes on Implementation Requirements

    • Use of standards
    • Typography (especially for specs)?
    • WCAG 2.0
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Analytics? (may require privacy policy change)

Notes on Preliminary Qualitative Brand Research


    • "Describe W3C"
      • Develops, publishes and promotes Web standards
      • Does this in way that’s best for society
      • Improves accessibility on the Web
      • Sets the stage for the Web to evolve
      • Provides interoperability, openness
      • Process is based on consensus, transparency, neutrality
    • Strengths
      • Competent staff
      • Open, inclusive environment
      • Solid technology foundation
      • Offers framework for innovation (but not all agree W3C is, or should be, innovative)
      • Collective collaborative culture
    • Weaknesses
      • Slow, reactive
      • Lack of W3C Brand awareness


    • Re-evaluate W3C’s Brand Position
    • Do more marketing, esp. of W3C
    • Better promote W3C’s membership benefits
    • Address perceived business process issues

Notes from 2008 Redesign Experience

    • We wrote our own content management system. I don't recommend that
    we do that again.