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* Ian Jacobs, Chair
* Ian Jacobs, Chair
* Robin Ginn
* Robin Ginn
* Sorin Stefan

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This public wiki holds notes related to the 2013 Headlights task force on redesigning the W3C site. Questions? Contact Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>.


    • Ian Jacobs, Chair
    • Robin Ginn
    • Sorin Stefan

Anticipated activities

    • Identify primary audiences and determine priority needs (through interviews, surveys, etc.).
    • Examine current subsites (public, member, group home pages, mailing list archives) and establish a scope for the project.
    • Enumerate site requirements (e.g., on use of standards, accessibility, mobile versions, use of tools).
    • Examine content creation and maintenance at W3C (e.g., w3c blog, news from groups)
    • Study possible infrastructure solutions (e.g., off the shelf open source CRM versus rolling our own; integration with other W3C infrastructure)
    • Establish a timeline and budget for implementing the plan by Q4 2014.


    • The primary deliverable of this project will be the results of our study, a proposed redesign scope, budget, and timeline.
    • We may work on information architecture, wireframes, and other artifacts to help us work with users and discuss the project.
    • We may also look for funding.


    • February: Formal "launch date"
    • February - June: Develop ideas
    • 9-11 June: W3C discusses at its annual Membership meeting
    • June - July: Further refinement
    • July: W3C management evaluates proposal and determines what resources to allocate.

Random comments

    • Mailing list archive redesign
    • StratML in charters (via Phil)
    • Improve readability of font