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Name of idea

Expansion of W3C Training Program

Submitter name

Alan Bird


This idea is (CHOOSE ONE):

  • A new scope of work for W3C for an existing technology area (e.g. education, testing, validation, certification, profiles)

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

We ran W3C online training courses as part of EU Projects for about three years now (the W3DevCampus portal was launched exactly one year ago). It has had success in creating two acclaimed Mobile Web courses as a result of these projects, as well as courses on SVG, HTML5 games and HTML5 audio and video. We've seen some expansion of that coverage to now include a Spanish version of the Mobile Web courses. We have an opportunity to expand this program into a more globally reaching activity which becomes self-sufficient or extra fund yielding in relatively short order. One example of this expansion is creating both online and live proctored versions of these courses in Japanese. We should also execute on the plan of making additional courses, such as the HTML5 one to be launched early 2013 (in French and in English).

Benefit(s) to W3C

The program to date has been in the UbiWeb Domain and done a great job of driving people to our courses on Mobile Web development.

  • With the funding program ending it is not sure that this program should continue in that domain or move elsewhere (BusDev?) and have a broader charter to drive W3C delivered education for additional topics.
  • We have a need to port the existing courses to additional languages (Japanese and Hindu being 2).
  • We have a need for more courseware (HTML5, CSS, WAI come to mind).
  • We are building a financial proposal that achieves these goals and is a break-even proposition in the short-term and provides additional W3C revenue in the out years.

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting

Creating and executing a Global W3C Training Program would be "enthusiastically supported" by many of the W3C Offices around the globe as well as Members like Internet Academy that offer Web Training themselves. Having a W3C Branded course has more value than a course developed by a local Office or Member.