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WWW2014, So. Korea (May)
WWW2014, So. Korea (May)
World Cup 2014 (soccer/football), Brazil (12-Jun). W3C has prospects at FOX in Latin America that could become partners. Can you imagine a campaign using the word 'Goal!' related to the Web...?
World Cup 2014 (soccer/football), Brazil (12-Jun). W3C has prospects at FOX in Latin America who has the media contract that could become Web ad partners. Can you imagine a campaign using the word 'Goal!' related to the Web...?
W3C AC Meeting (TBD)
W3C AC Meeting (TBD)

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Participants discuss on public-w3c-anniversaries@w3.org (archive).

2014: W3C Turns 20 and The Web Turns 25 Planning Task Force


Marilyn Siderwicz, W3C Staff


   Troy Allison, Intel (to be confirmed)
   Manyoung Cho, W3Labs (Korea)
   Ian Jacobs, W3C Staff
   Karen Myers, W3C Staff
   Amy van der Hiel, W3C Staff 

Goals of the Anniversary Task Force:

Create a proposal to submit to W3M about ways to celebrate W3C and Web anniversaries. Proposal should include strategies and tactics, identification of partners, opportunities for funding, etc.

Deadline: May 31, 2013 (to be presented at the June AC Meeting Agenda in Tokyo, 11-June). Check-in meeting scheduled with CEO Jeff Jaffe on April 18 or 19. Official presentation at Woods Meeting, July 2013.


  • Celebrate W3C’s history, but more importantly, celebrate how the Web is evolving to become so much more!
  • Opportunity to strengthen W3C’s global brand and positioning to lead to greater participation and revenue growth
  • Identify new potential philanthropic resources (similar to charitable gift annuities) so that institutions that donate to support W3C’s anniversary get some value in return, ideally over time and not just for 2014.

Target Markets:

  • Members and prospects
    • Technology (and Business-side?) representatives
  • Developers
  • Staff
  • Youth? (special emphasis on ‘learn to code’ per TimBL’s recent messaging?)
  • Everyman (creating a general buzz)


  • Anniversary activities should be global, online, unified (across W3C and with The Web Foundation where possible), how inclusive?
  • Leverage social media for greater viral opportunities

(images, videos, tumblr, facebook, twitter)

  • Position as the world’s celebration…all the people who are participating take a bow and congratulate yourself on doing good/important work.
  • Arm our supporters to help spread the word for us.
    • E.g. Ask members to display anniversary logo on their websites
    • Stickers (geeks love stickers); tshirts, site logos, site banners
  • Leverage existing opportunities planned for 2014 to gain efficiencies. For example, consider ways to integrate celebration with these existing global events or themes:


CES, Las Vegas (Jan.)

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain (Feb).

2014 Year of the Horse in China (all year).


WWW2014, So. Korea (May)

World Cup 2014 (soccer/football), Brazil (12-Jun). W3C has prospects at FOX in Latin America who has the media contract that could become Web ad partners. Can you imagine a campaign using the word 'Goal!' related to the Web...?

W3C AC Meeting (TBD)


2014 Asian Games, So. Korea (19-Sept)



Also, Amy notes that each year,  September 22, One Web Day does a celebration with videos, tshirts, badges, etc. 
     (see their I <3 the Web image )

Alignment with The Web Foundation’s anniversary activities:

The Web Foundation (TWF) is working with other activists and organizations around the world to define a movement which I believe also is intended as its anniversary campaign theme: Web We Want. (It appears to be an offshoot of the United Nation’s campaign: The World We Want.) I will monitor its activities for synergies with W3C. The group meets on Google Groups and defines its agenda as: “A small group working with Tim Berners-Lee on a global campaign for Internet freedom.” Two efforts they are involved with include:

A. Partnership with MyWorld2015.org or http://www.myworld2015.org/index.html?page=about-my-world “MY World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. Working with partners, we aim to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so world leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty.”

B. The Eden Stanley Group http://www.edenstanley.co.uk/ (a communications, campaigning and fundraising agency that integrates digital, advertising, marketing and PR)

We're delighted to be working with Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web Foundation, to develop a global campaign for freedom of expression which will mark the Web's 25th birthday in 2014.

Even though each of our organizations has different goals and objectives in celebrating the Web at 25 Years, we don’t want to confuse the market by introducing competing campaign themes. W3C does not agree with all concepts proposed by the Web We Want campaign however (e.g. some of the activism).

We should discuss how we might want to align with Web We Want theme:

Approaches to consider:

  • Adapt Web We Want for our own purposes. (e.g. change to Web We Make)….or

(Amy suggests other ideas including: "I love the Web" because people really do love the web. Is there a phrase to help personalize it? "Our Web", ("My Web" already TM) Tim's quote: "The Web is humanity connected by technology" is a nice place to start considering for theme for this maybe)

  • Adopt Web We Want, but add colon and text that emphasizes W3C’s unique tech standards role (e.g. Web We Want: Setting the Standard….or something similar.)
  • Set W3C apart from this movement and create our own theme.

(Amy notes that google image search already shows great association with the color blue and the shape: circle/world for "World Wide Web")

Main Challenges:

  • Creating a concept and message that carries the same meaning and communicates clearly in multiple languages and different cultural contexts.

Funding Partner Opportunities:

  • Members companies...Marilyn to supply email text to Ian to ask AC Reps to invite their marketing or philanthropic staff to get involved. (people like Troy Allison and Lori Davidson from Intel!)
  • Sean Milliken, director of nonprofit strategy for eBay.

Interesting public/private partnership story from them here: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2013/03/28/Ebay-Sell-It-Forward-032813.aspx

  • Google Director of Charitable Giving Jacqueline Fuller (Google Global Impact Awards);
  • SVP Chris Davey from Sapient Nitro (Recommended from friend who works there. Marilyn sent email on March 25 inviting Chris to MIT lunch someday to help start relationship. No response. Anyone have contacts at other digital marketing firms?)

Measuring Results:

• Social media mentions

• New memberships

• New participation in BGs, CGs,

• Greater interest by vertical markets (TV, Auto, HC, Banking….)

• Greater internal cohesion among global staff

• More requests for W3C staff to speak at conferences

• Etc…..

Next Steps for Task Force members:

• Identify others who should/might join the task force

       CC Chapman? (Marilyn knows him. He has a large blog/podcast following. Author/Speaker/Humanitarian. May not volunteer though and unlikely to offer other resources to our efforts. Leaving this as TBD.)

• Amy suggests: [1] Paul Downey for visual images (see: The Web is Agreement, One World One Web

      also: would it be possible to ask: ITO World for video?  (They helped with Tim's second TED talk 

It would be cool to see the spread of the Web, time lapse and globally from CERN on one of their spinning globe visualizations)

• Determine process for collaboration

• Review/revise outline for proposal, esp. objectives, target markets, campaign theme, etc.

• Come to agreement on campaign theme

• Consider/ suggest appropriate scope of activities. Suggest ‘modular’ approach so can add or delete depending on resources secured.

Amy suggests: video participation (something like "Where the Hell is Matt?" - global, fun, collaborative but with our theme ("I love the web" or whatever phrase) and a site to which people from all over the world can submit and participate in the celebration of the Web) • Identify resource funding opportunities

• Draft roles and responsibilities