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See also [[Headlights2012]].
See also [[Headlights2012]].
==List of Proposals==
=== Open Web Platform ===
=== Brand and Communications ====
=== Productivity ===

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To bring the Web to its Full potential W3C needs to be constantly thinking about the next major areas of focus. W3C management reviews priorities and resources on an ongoing basis, and annually (typically mid-year) explores major re-allocations of resources to align with important trends.

In early 2013 W3C staff identified some potential directions for W3C. Some relate to the technical agenda, others to organizational development, and others to community-building or business development. In January W3C management launched ten task forces to develop proposals with community participation. This page lists the proposals the task forces are developing according to this calendar:

  • 31 January: Announcement to public and Membership and invitations to participate
  • 19 February: Formal "launch dates" for task forces
  • 20 February - June: Idea Development
  • 9-11 June: Discussion at AC Meeting 2013
  • June - July: Further refinement
  • July: W3M will prioritize mature proposals and (re)allocate resources to pursuing some of them.

Please note that these topics are in development; W3C has not allocated resources to them other than to develop proposals.

See also Headlights2012.


Open Web Platform

Brand and Communications =