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'''NOTE: Team please put proposals in [https://www.w3.org/2010/04/w3c-vision/wiki/Headlights2013 internal wiki].''' Previous proposals moved there.
'''NOTE: Team please put proposals in [https://www.w3.org/2010/04/w3c-vision/wiki/Headlights2013 internal wiki].''' Previous proposals moved there.
==Simplified 2013 Template==
''To use this template, please copy the following subsections to the wiki page for your idea and complete them.''
===Name of idea===
===Submitter name===
This idea is (CHOOSE ONE):
<ul class="show_items">
* An area of web standardization that arises from the increased application of web technology to a new business segment (e.g. entertainment, publishing, health, energy, government).
* A trend in information technology that requires new standardizations (e.g. cloud computing, social networking, a search platform, a gaming platform)
* A specific technology area that requires new standardization (e.g. structured vocabularies, privacy, REST)
* A new scope of work for W3C for an existing technology area (e.g. education, testing, validation, certification, profiles)
*      None of the above
===One Hundred Word Description of the Idea===
===Benefit(s) to W3C===
===Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting===
==Template for commenting on Proposals==
The team may provide input for each proposal, answering at least these questions:
<ul class="show_items">
*Why they think it is a good idea
*Why they think it is a bad idea
*If they are interested in participating to develop the idea further.

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To bring the Web to its Full potential W3C needs to be constantly thinking about the next major area of focus. Continuously, Domains are refreshing where they put existing resources, but at least once a year (at Woods), W3M needs to explore major re-allocations of resources to ride and drive the latest trends.

To ensure a thoughtful discussion at Woods it is required that ideas be widely socialized in the Team (and Membership) and that everyone has opportunity to contribute. Preferably, the ideas have been developed beyond the sound bite level to reasonably defined proposals.

This is the wiki for the Team to create ideas for discussion in 2013, part of the headlights process instituted in 2011.


    1. Create a new page in this wiki for each proposal. The content of the page should follow the template below.
    2. Add a link to your topic in the list of proposals below.
    3. W3C will choose a subset of submissions for further development over a period of months. It is not the objective to do all of this work prior to submission – January submissions are supposed to be lightweight. However, the template should be sufficiently inspiring that W3M will want to choose your idea for further exploration.

List of Proposals

NOTE: Team please put proposals in internal wiki. Previous proposals moved there.