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HTML WG face-to-face TPAC 2013, Thu-Fri Nov 14-15

Shenzhen Hall, 2F, Building A

Dial-in and IRC Details

Zakim teleconference bridge:

  +1.617.761.6200, conference 63342 ("media")

Supplementary IRC chat (logged):

  #html-media on port 6665 or port 80

Note: We will attempt to have a teleconference starting at 9am Shenzhen time but due to size of the meeting room we are not very confident of how audible the meeting proceedings will be to remote participants. Please join on IRC so we can confirm the setup and arrangments.

TPAC and F2F Registration

Registration for TPAC2013 is now open:

 TPAC 2013
 11-15 November
 Shenzhen, China


   NOTE: Many people are required to have a visa for entry into China.
   Please see the registration form for information about securing an
   invitation letter from Beihang University for a Chinese visa to attend 
   TPAC 2013.

Make your hotel reservation:

F2F Topics

WG Group participants, please insert your proposed topic in this section (including time constraints if any)

  • HTML WG charter revision and licensing experiment (Chairs)
  • Introduction and review of Ruby extension spec (Robin)
  • Review and discussion of DOM4 deliverable (Robin)
   - CfC to publish FPWD:
   - Editors draft:
   - PF would like to raise a discussion of DOM4 vs. the continuing development of DOM3 in Web Apps. 
  • Meeting with Web Performance WG (request for Fri AM slot)
   - Resource priorities discussion:
   - Prerender discussion: 
  • HTML 5.0 normative references (Robin)
   - Director's guidance: 
  • Testing: status, plan
  • CfCs on CR exit criteria for HTML5 and Canvas2D
   - HTML5:
   - Canvas:       
  • Features at Risk
   - Status of HTML5 "features at risk"
   - Status of Canvas2D "features at risk" and possible new Last Call
       - A11Y TF minutes Oct 31:
       - drawSystemFocusRing, drawCustomFocusRing:
  • Status of CR bugs on HTML5 and Canvas2D (Editorial team)
   - Outstanding HTML5 CR bugs:
   - A11Y-related CR bugs: 
   - Outstanding Canvas2D CR bugs: None
  • Next steps in deciding future of Polyglot spec
   - Polyglot status and roadmap:
   - Back at zero bugs open:
   - Next step: update of proposals for normativity survey  
  • EME bug discussion and moving to Last Call (request for discussion to occur on Thu)
   - Outstanding EME bugs:
   - David's Nov 11 update:
   - Summary of open bugs and actions: 
  • MSE Last Call bug discussion and moving to CR (request for discussion to occur on Thu)
   - All MSE LC bugs:
   - Open bugs
   - Bug 23663 - Section 2.4.4 is not clear about whether it runs while seeking
   - Bug 23169 - reconsider the jitter video quality metrics again
  • Author view of HTML5 (ACTION-229 and TAG issue)
  • Status of HTML Image Description extension Last Call and testing
   - Last Call comment disposition:
   - Testing results:
  • Multipart/form-data
   - 15 minutes:


Day 1

  • EME
  • MSE

Day 2


Will not be attending.