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Agenda for the April 21st Editors' Meeting

Items not necessarily in order.

  • Heartbeat publications
  • Reducing forking
    • Go through source, work towards greater alignment, e.g. ping attribute
  • Improving the SotD text
  • New features
  • Quick roadmap questions
  • Handling of the bug stack
    • bug resolution expectations
    • assigning bugs to whatwg product
  • Relationship to testing
  • Keeping cherry picking up to date
  • Editors' decision template
  • Communication between editors
  • Communication/co-ordination with the WHATWG
    • Status of W3C spec as per WHATWG: "The W3C also publishes parts of this specification as separate documents. One of these parts is called "HTML5"; it is a forked subset of this specification (the HTML Living Standard). There are numerous differences between this specification (the HTML Living Standard) and the W3C version, some minor, some major. Unfortunately these are not currently accurately documented anywhere, so there is no way to know which are intentional and which are not."
  • Updating HTML5 CR - and what to do with the "editorial_fixes" branch
  • what to do with author spec and HTML: markup language spec


  • [DONE] Taking turns to do cherry-picking, one of us for every week.
  • [DONE] Silvia will add details to the procedure so that it's easy to take over.
  • [DONE] Order: Travis (week 17), Erika, Ted, Silvia, Robin, Steve
  • Ted and Robin will try to make time during WebApps to finish the algorithm transcoding script
  • <main> needs to be issued as a Note
  • [DONE] Robin will do a last merge of editorial_fixes and then kill the branch (then let Silvia know)
  • Robin to investigate dropping @ping from the WHATWG spec
  • [DONE] RobinSteve to list differences between W3C and WHATWG specs (see, separate document)
    • Robin to list those that should be eliminated
    • Robin to make a section in the spec listing them
  • Robin to update the status section, link to testing, link to real repo, etc.
  • Robin to check on status of <track> element tests in old-tests/submission//Opera/media/track/ and import them if needed
  • [DONE] Robin to propose end-of-lifing H:TML and Author View
    • and if it passes release a Note for each.
  • [DONE] Sam to make the Decision Policy a cool URI
  • [DONE] Robin to propose simplified boilerplate for editors' decisions and open a bug again the decision policy for that.